American Olympic Swimmers Pulled Off Plane by Brazilian Cops as Robbery Claim Investigated


Brazil embarrasses itself once more. Brazil’s police are of a mind to claim that the armed stickup of four American swimmers in Rio didn’t happen. The guys just made it all up for some reason.

At least a few people in the West are paying attention to the way the Mestizo mixed-race mind works.


Team USA swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz — who were with Ryan Lochte during the alleged robbery in Rio — got yanked off an airplane as they were trying to leave Brazil.

The USOC confirms to TMZ Sports … Conger and Bentz were detained by authorities, but says it’s still gathering information as to find out exactly why.

Earlier on Tuesday, cops in Rio said they were suspicious of the swimmers’ claim they were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning. The USOC says cops went to the Olympic Village to interview Lochte and teammate James Feigen, but discovered they’d already left the country.

Looks like they nabbed Conger and Bentz at the last possible moment.

The two sassy white boys insulted the honor of Brazil. They must pay for their insult, which was simply reporting that they had been robbed by men wearing POLICE UNIFORMS.

As reported in my post on the robbery last night, since the robbery of the group of Olympians is embarrassing, then the authorities will just deny it happened.

But pulling the guys off a plane taking them home is really doubling down by the Brazilians. Presumably they’re going to be grilled by Brazil’s cops until somebody cracks.

Not all the turds in Brazil are floating in the polluted waters in Rio. Some of them carry badges.

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