Watch! Hillary Must Hold on to Rail, Chair, and Table During Photo Op

Published on Aug 15, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden gave Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a tour of his childhood home in Scranton, Pennyslvania while spending the day together on the campaign trail. (Aug. 15)

The camera fails to follow Hillary’s exit from Joe Biden’s limo, but once she appears on camera, she must steady herself by holding onto whatever is handy.

Psychopath Hillary tries to act friendly and interested during her tour, but she fails miserably.

Soon, this lumpy pile of excrement will need a walker. Do the authorities allow inmates to have walkers in prison?

5 thoughts on “Watch! Hillary Must Hold on to Rail, Chair, and Table During Photo Op

  1. You said “walker” I thought ‘cane’ when I saw her. Both aid in balance and stability. To her commie bosses, what does it matter if she’s not physically and mentally capable, all they need is a faithful “useful idiot” who will do what they tell her to do.

    • I just saw (at midnight) that Drudge has picked up this video. Good. I saw it on GLP right before I posted it. At first, I didn’t see the hand reaching out for support. We need vids of her struggling to get in and out of cars. Ultimately, they will have to tell the truth about her condition.

      Useful idiot she is. Her handlers had to be the ones making decisions at State. Huma’s email said she was always napping and always tired. That was two or three years ago. Will she live to serve or will Kaine take over?

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  3. I’ve mentioned this before.
    If Hillary’s health condition is becoming noticeable to the public, then it must be even more noticeable to her handlers, TPTB, etc. Their intention could be to keep pushing her until she has very a public medical and/or mental event and has no choice but to resign her nomination. The situation would be unprecedented … I think. There was a situation in a New Jersey Senate race a few years ago. There would have to selected an “appropriate” replacement for the historically first female candidate for POTUS. Biden, Bernie and what’s-his-face the race-traitor don’t qualify since they lack the vital requirement of a vagina. Who, then, to pick? Easy!! Michelle Obama! She possesses a vagina (supposedly) plus she’s black, she’s also the spouse of an ex-President and she’s as witless as a box of rocks. Perfect.

    • I used to push that scenario on HuffPo when I trolled over there. This is not as far fetched a scenario as some might think. Thanks for bringing the idea up. It’s really Machievellian but it could happen.

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