Watch a black family lie, attack, and steal from police — all on video

This video was posted by Colin Flaherty on August 11, 2016.

The more than 2,600 comments on youtube show that whites are race realists and becoming more so with each passing day.

Dystopian black America in a nutshell. Lie, cheat, steal, lie some more. Then vote for Hillary.

These people are stupid beyond belief. They are so dumb, they are incapable of recognizing their own dumbness.

He laid it out calmly. “Get your ID, turn down the music & you will get a warning.” That’s it. You are digging your own graves. You want to know why racial harmony is discordant? People like this. Taxpayer-sucking mold. These are not Humans. They are fungal spores. Just blowing in the wind, spreading ignorance & lowering property values & test scores near you.

LOL… Why can’t you people EVER take responsibility for your actions? The cop was simply there to tell them to lower their music and this turd had to refuse to cooperate because we all know you can’t tell the black man anything without “oppressing” him. He got what he deserved. I hope the rest of those low life’s get what they deserve for all the lies about the cops supposed “bad behavior.” Its assholes like you that make it real easy for people to be racist.

6 thoughts on “Watch a black family lie, attack, and steal from police — all on video

  1. This video is too long at 9 minutes, for the modest content. The Coon declares that the music is not too loud. Maybe he needs a hearing aid?
    I wonder how many nigger on nigger shootings are reprisals for loud rap crap “music”? A lot, I hope.
    I would classify all such shootings as self defense and not a criminal act.

    • LOL. Sadly, a white man is in prison for life for shooting a nog who turned up the music while parked next to him at a convenience store parking lot. Loud music will make you crazy.

      Once, two black females moved into an apartment next to me. Loud music every morning about six am. Horrible.

  2. now i would like to know why they have taken my comment, edited then posted here. I have in writing explicitly wrote on my profile page that no one has any rights to make copies or rewrite my narrative other than YouTube. Little help here, or do i just file complaint with YouTube and let them handle it for copyright infringements?

    • Check the fair use doctrine in copyright law, my friend. Although if you want me to remove your comment, I’d be happy to oblige even though I have no legal obligation to do so. What say you?

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