Destruction of White Identity + Feminism = Juggalettes


Welcome to the world of dysfunctional white youth in America today.

Urban Dictionary

A juggalette is a morbidly obese and/or borderline-retarded teenage girl who has zero friends other than fellow Clown Syndrome patients and listens to the Insane Clown Posse religiously. They come from a usually poor background (reason why they pretend to be tough) most of which becoming pregnant by the time they are 17 after drinking faygo and pretending to be drunk. They typically have worst-case-scenario acne and have an outer layer of lard around the brain that slows even the most basic cognitive ability, usually their love life does not exist beyond internet cybersex with juggalos.

Normal person: Wow, look another ICP fan.
Normal person 2: Yeah, wait thats a “juggalette”.
Juggalette: iz iz down wit da clownz
Normal person: What the fuck is that stench??
Normal person 2: THATS SWAMP CROTCH.. NOOOO!.
Information from ED.COM
#dumb cunt #stupid bitch #white trash #dumb #teenage girl



An American white trash female who suffers from loose virtues, dellusions of: grandure, toughness, self worth and intelligence. Common practices include: the dawning of rediculous clown makeup, having sex with any and all males who go by the title Juggalo, making online videos in which they threaten bodily harm against men they do not know with no intention of acting upon these idol fantasies. Silly and embarrasing though they may be, they are perhaps more than anything else, symbols of middle class white America’s loss of identity and principle.

That Juggalette made a 15 minute video of herself smoking cigarettes and singing along to an Insane Clown Posse song. It was perhaps her life’s greatest singular accomplishment.

#idiot #tramp #skeezer #cunt #stain


The juggalette and juggalo subculture are a strong indicator that when youths lack a racial identity that their desire to be a part of something will express itself in destructive ways.

This documentary offers a look at the empty, wasted juggalette culture.

For completeness, a video of the white rap crappers ICP (Insane Clown Posse) is embedded below. It has over 16 million views.

And one more thing. Compare the Negrofied, Jewified American youth of today to a certain group you may recognize.

women of nazi germany

Learn more about the American Juggalo and Jugalette at Wikipedia.

9 thoughts on “Destruction of White Identity + Feminism = Juggalettes

  1. Pingback: Destruction of White Identity + Feminism = Juggalettes | Centinel2012

      • I remember this crap from the 90s. It’s been a long time, so I thought it would end. We are on a second generation of Juggalos; possibly a fatter to son, mother to daughter thing. The guy who coined this term is called “Violent Jay,” lol!

      • We had some of these juggalettes at the university, but I did not know then what they are called or that there was an organized movement of them. I believe at the time the movement revolved around porn. This Ron Jeremy (Jew) character was a leader of the movement until recently.

  2. From Vanguard a comment “You know I used to think whites could steep lower than being a Wigger. that was until I found about ICP and Juggalos. These Clowns Wiggerism to a whole new level. like the pun? Anyways Juggalos are the worse scum around. I suggest avoiding them at all costs. Even your prototypical type of wigger Eminem hates these freaks! Eminem got into a whole Feud with these guys.

    Man I hate Juggalos! It’s amazing how Whites can go from Mozart and Beethoven to this in less than 300 years, Unbelievable. “

    • Unfortunately, I had them in my classes at the university. I don’t know for sure, but I think there’s a lot of drug use among the subculture. These lowlifes are why we need to be preaching a message of white pride.

  3. Another quote from Vanguard…..”I have never seen another “music” group so openly embody the essense of judaism before.

    They openly preach communism, egalitarianism, racemixing, nihilism, anarchy, wanton and gratuitous violence and impossible utopia.

    No suprize ICP are racist kike swine – Google it. I bet their fellow media kike filth must blush when they see and hear their material because their style is so … kike.”

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