Dad Named as Killer in Horrific Pennsylvania Murder-Suicide


Today’s post is a follow up to an August 7 post on the murder-suicide of the Pennsylvania Short family.

That post drew a great deal of attention due to the heinous nature of the crime and the fact that the youngest child had been the subject of nationwide publicity because of her heart transplant two years earlier.

Yesterday, police finally revealed that the father of the children had killed them, the family dog, and his wife. Earlier media coverage noted that Megan Short had been involved in a lesbian affair. Today’s CBS coverage ignores that angle, attributing the horrific deaths to vague domestic issues.

CBS News

LEESPORT, Pa. — Authorities have named a Pennsylvania man as the shooter in a murder-suicide that left his family dead earlier this month.

The Berks County district attorney said Monday that 40-year-old Mark Short Sr. shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Megan, and the couple’s three children. 8-year-old Lianna, 5-year-old Mark Jr. and 2-year-old Willow were found dead alongside their parents Aug. 6 in the family’s home in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania.

A coroner confirmed Mark Short Sr. died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

willow short birthday

The police developed information that shows that the crime was not a spur of the moment emotional outburst, but a planned extreme act of hatred.

Officials say the man took his kids to Pennsylvania’s Hershey Park, a theme park operated by Hershey’s Chocolate company, the day before committing murder-suicide, reports CBS Philadelphia.

Authorities say the couple had been having “domestic issues.”

Mark Short, Sr. bought a gun from a licensed Lancaster County dealer on July 19, reports the station, a day after police responded to a domestic dispute call. Megan Short had called 911 and said she was afraid of her husband after a verbal argument, the station reports. A few days after that, Megan short leased an apartment..

In another incident in early June, the station reports, security was called to a hotel room in Philadelphia for a dispute between the couple, but there was no police involvement.

Neighbors say Megan Short had posted on social media before her death that she planned to leave her husband and she had asked for help moving out of the home on the day the family was found dead.

Investigators found a handwritten murder-suicide note on the dining room table and a handgun near the husband. The station reports the note was in the father’s handwriting and in it, he admitted to the murders and to purchasing the gun.

Investigators believe he wrote the note after killing his wife, children and the family dog. All died of a single gunshot wound.

News articles had previously featured the family after 2-year-old Willow survived a heart transplant after birth. Megan Short posted regularly on social media about her youngest daughter’s health struggles following the heart transplant surgery, according to CBS Philadelphia. In a May 25 post, Short wrote the young girl didn’t cry during a recent blood draw and called her a “pro at this now.”

“I have been super emotional over everything the past couple days. Just when I get used to her getting a little bit of normal childhood, I am reminded of all that she has to endure throughout her life,” Megan Short wrote. “I have wondered if she would grow up to resent the fact that we chose this for her. Thankfully, she is a happy, happy girl who truly loves life. It’s like she just knows life is precious. I am not looking forward to the day that she starts asking questions about it all and realizes she is different. Soaking in every single minute of her joy.”

A funeral Mass was held Friday.

This much of what I wrote on August 7 still stands:

There is also the spiritual realm to explore. Christian women with a strong faith in Christ do not cheat on their husbands with other women. Did Megan (and Mark) have a priest? Did they go to the confessional? The spiritual aspect of life in this family must have been lacking.

Then there’s the racial aspect. Whites are 8 percent of the world’s population. We are a rare, superior species. A racially aware husband and wife would never murder that most precious of lives, the lives of white children.

We must develop spirituality and racial awareness among our people to do better in preventing such horrific events from ever happening.

14 thoughts on “Dad Named as Killer in Horrific Pennsylvania Murder-Suicide

  1. Holy shit! And I had trash-talked the woman; I’ll be damned. To hell with this a-hole. As for her munching rug, this is actually quite a bit more common that would be believed. Note: I did not say it was ‘common’, but simply more common than would be expected. A lady I sort of know is married and doing this. Lots of married women seeking this situation on Craigslist and other fora. I don’t know that he killed the family over that, but still, it is a burgeoning situation. I won’t make excuses for this guy, or try to ‘brownwash’ him, rest is hell dickhead.

    • Yes, I speculated that the odds were the wife had done it. It’s reasonable to speculate when discussing these cases. A husband and wife team devoted to higher spiritual values would never have seen this occur. I can understand, but do not approve in any way, of him wanting to punish the wife, but to kill the kids and the dog makes him the spawn of Satan.

    • Myself I could never “go there” as far as being lesbian; however, I can understand if this man was in fact abusive in might turn his woman into wanting a different flavor.

      I worked with a male school counselor once who noted how in the ghetto many women turned lesbian because the men were “too rough on them”.

      I can say that after dealing some pretty misogynistic men out there I handle many with gloves. Many get bitchy and more women-hating the older they get. I think the ones who drink alot of alcohol and get the whole man-boobs thing going due to an imbalance of estrogen are exceptionally gross.

      Lots of angry beer guzzling bubbas out there.

      • I don’t think it is “abuse” that does it, at least not with middle class white women. Many assume it will be OK with their husbands, I think mainly due to pop cultural messages about it. Many husbands think they’ll be OK with it too, until they find out real life conflicts with porn in the long run. Lots of married ladies are ‘curious’ about this and once a certain number try it, their friends will feel left out by not doing it and so the numbers increase. They don’t stick with it fully, but they’ll do it here and there.

      • I do not think many women are “curious” about this. Also, a lot of the posts on Craig’s List and other social networking blogs are false…..more trolls paid by Isra-hell and other rat holes to normalize debauchery via putting up false advertisements and personals.

        The whole social network scene is bogus. You really have to sift thru the bullshyte and most of it is.

      • I agree with you on this point. The cost of posting stupid free ads on Craigslist is zero. Whether Jewish money is behind it or not, there’s a lot crap there that leads to a false narrative.

      • I did my own research and “test runs” on some social networking sites to see how bad the falsely written narratives of lesbo housewives and men banging blaque hoez had infiltrated the sites via trolls and believe me, it is rife with false shyte:)

      • I mentioned the Craigslist thing because I have known someone, a female, who had had such encounters through Craigslist, with such women. I thought it was bogus too until then. Nevertheless, many are doing it, have done it or are seriously considering it, thinking it will ‘spice up’ their lives. Lots of media and pop psychology articles are out about this too. many women I’ve liaised with said they’d be open to it, and that was without my mentioning it (I don’t mention that or anything else other than standard sex, so as not to encourage fetishes).

      • Nope. Sorry. Not buying it. Your friend was selling you a bullshit sandwich.

        For all we know the press might be lying about this woman being a lesbian.

        There are so many lies and dog and pony shows out there. That woman was probably trying to feed into some stupid LGBT phantasy shyte

      • I’m not selling it, just stating it. I was not present for the meet up, but I know what this woman is into. As for the press lying about her proclivities, that is a serious possibility. It would be intended to make her appear ‘open’ and ‘liberated’ being killed by her nasty ‘fascist’ husband or some such rigamarole. Either way though, this type of fling does happen a bit more than I had expected.

      • I live in a “white” suburb and I have NEVER heard of these lesbo flings by wives.

        I think women should be encouraged to have female friendships – does not mean it will lead to lesbianism.

      • I did not imply that it ‘will’ lead to less flings. The women doing this do not just stumble into it, they are looking to try it. I live in the suburbs too. I never implied that it is rampant all over, but it is going on more than people think. An acquaintance is considering moving her ‘lover’ in with her and her husband soon. Look, I know it is easy t not like homos, but when this type of experimentation happens people want to deny it, why? Soft-pedaling these women is not going to help.

  2. These two were mentally unstable before they met, the reason they were attracted to each other. A normal married woman with 3 kids doesn’t take off with a lesbian. A normal married male doesn’t murder his 3 children, wife and dog. What did the dog and kids do to deserve that?

    Equally traumatic are parents with children who have the worst types of cancer, but manage to stay strong throughout the duration of treatments, only to lose them anyway.

    I make no excuses for their behavior, child’s heart transplant, she was lonely, he was abusive. A wife might leave but not into the arms of a lesbian. Men don’t normally kill their families under duress. How in the world can anyone kill their kids and dog? From outward appearances, these two had everything going for them, 3 beautiful children, a lovely house, husband obviously a good job, the American dream realized. These two were very sick and should have sought psychological help before they married.

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