Albino Negro Leader of Black Lives Matter Arrested Multiple Times for IMPERSONATING A COP

tyree page 2

No respectable white person gives BLM any credit other than for being a group of angry, unintelligent Negro malcontents.

Thus, the ludicrous idea that the anti-police group would be headed by a nut job who impersonates police officers is good for a laugh.

Sir Maejor can sit back and wait for his invitation to speak at the next Democrat party convention. Unless he decides to “join” Hillary’s Secret Service detail.

Blue Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Leader, Sir Maejor, Arrested for Impersonating An Officer

Atlanta, GA – A prominent, and very vocal, Black Lives Matter leader, Tyree “Sir Maejor” (Tyree Conyers-Page), is back in the news. After spewing hate about the police, police tactics, and systemic racism for months, the reason he is anti-police has become clear.

Jealousy and envy are Tyree’s motives, as he has been arrested multiple times for impersonating a law enforcement officer in the greater Atlanta area. Apparently, Tyree longs to be a police officer and since that has not happened, he now chooses to spread the false narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In late 2014, Atlanta Police found him with a female handcuffed outside a busy gas station. He was wearing a uniform that looked like an Atlanta PD uniform, had a Glock .45 pistol, and full duty belt.

In another incident, on October 14, 2015, Sir Maejor was observed at the MARTA Five Points station, wearing a bulletproof vest with a full duty belt. He also had one loaded Glock .45, two additional loaded magazines, two pairs of handcuffs, OC spray, one baton, a Taser with additional cartridge, and a makeshift ID card designating his duties as a fugitive apprehension officer.

He was not acting like a bounty hunter though. He was harassing and yelling at MARTA patrons, telling them where they could and could not stand. It was when Conyers-Page approached a parked car and demanded the identification of the person inside that his pipedream began to unfold.

The person inside the car was, in fact, a real police officer. Sgt. Knapp, a plain clothes police officer, had been watching Sir Maejor’s strange behavior. Atlanta Police again arrested him for impersonating an officer.

The story does not end here. The police impersonation charges even stretch into this year. Page was arrested in January after he conned his way past security guards at the Sloppy Floyd state office building by claiming he was an FBI agent. Court records say he was carrying a gun. He managed to get into the Secretary of State’s corporate records office.

6 thoughts on “Albino Negro Leader of Black Lives Matter Arrested Multiple Times for IMPERSONATING A COP

  1. No matter how much White in them, they still look and act like a nigger. And to think some red headed lass spread her legs for a coal shooter and produced this ugly witless ape wanna be.

      • “Just an albino” had to have a mother. Duh.

        Full Definition of albino
        plural albinos
        : an organism exhibiting deficient pigmentation; especially : a human being that is congenitally deficient in pigment and usually has a milky or translucent skin, white or colorless hair, and eyes with pink or blue iris and deep-red pupil.

        NOT red hair.

      • I can add to this discussion. A girl in one of my classes was an albino. She had horrid red hair, white skin, and Negroid features. Her mother was very black. She told me her father was a blonde white male.

        Getting back to her hair, it was a mess. Very short. Clumps missing. Something was very wrong with it. She spoke in a white dialect, with little or no Negro accent. Her skin was very, very white.

        She looks a lot like the guy in this story.

      • Interesting. I wonder what kind of genetic mishap contributes to this, as most mixed kids I see have a more negroid than white appearance. Just found the answer:

        How is it that red hair shows up in people of African descent?

        -A curious adult from California

        A redhead of African descent is about as common as a Caucasian with red eyes. And there’s a good reason for this — being an albino causes them both.

        Except when people are of mixed ancestry, red hair in Africans is usually caused by a kind of albinism. When people think of albinos, they tend to think of white hair, pale skin and red eyes. While this is true for Caucasians, albinism works differently in people of African descent.

        There are a few different kinds of albinism in people of African descent, but the one that gives red hair is called rufous albinism. People with this condition have a red-bronze skin color, ginger-red hair, and blue or brown eyes.

        How is someone an albino? All of our coloring — our skin, hair, and eye colors — comes from melanin. Melanin is just a pigment, or colored chemical substance, like the ones that are used to dye your clothes or maybe even your hair! Melanin comes in two different forms — pheomelanin (the red kind) and eumelanin (the brown kind).

        Being an albino just means that your body doesn’t make melanin the right way. There are lots of different genes that can be mutated to cause albinism.

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