9 Iraqi Sh*tstains Arrested for New Year’s Day Gang Rape on German Woman in Austria

Schwedenplatz station vienna austria

So many news stories reveal the flawed nature of the Middle Eastern Muslim. These dirtbags were welcomed into Europe and then immediately repaid the hospitality with vile acts of violence.

They love their religion of peace and love because it permits and even encourages their CRIMINAL NATURE WHICH IS IMPRINTED ON THEIR DNA.


BERLIN (AP) — Austrian authorities have arrested nine Iraqi men on suspicion of rape for an attack on a German tourist in Vienna on New Year’s Day, police said Monday.

The men range in age from 21 to 47 and are all either asylum-seekers or recently were granted asylum, Vienna police spokesman Paul Eidenberger told The Associated Press. They were arrested at several locations in raids Saturday and Sunday, he said.

They are alleged to have taken the woman from Vienna’s downtown Schwedenplatz and then assaulted her in an apartment where two of the suspects lived. The woman was in town visiting a friend but had become separated from her during the New Year’s celebrations, Eidenberger said.

Police say the men have denied the accusations.

The 28-year-old victim from northern Germany went to the police later on Jan. 1, saying she couldn’t remember where the attack took place but that she knew something had happened, Eidenberger said. The woman, who had been drinking and suspects she was drugged, has no recollection of being taken to the apartment, but police were able to use video surveillance and other evidence to determine the location, he said.

They also used DNA evidence to link at least four of the men to the crime, but “all were involved,” Eidenberger said.

Prosecutors are now applying to a court to have the men held as they continue their investigation. Monday was a holiday in Austria and prosecutors’ office phones went unanswered.

Austria was one of the main routes through which hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers traveled into Europe last year. The influx eventually prompted the government to set limits on asylum applications that sparked a series of border closures, shutting down the Balkan route used by many migrants.

Hillary Clinton, one of the wicked witches of the West (along with Angela Merkel), will bring millions of these scum to the United States. And yet we are told that women support Hillary.

Has the world gone insane?

Don’t answer. I won’t like your answer.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Angela Merkel

3 thoughts on “9 Iraqi Sh*tstains Arrested for New Year’s Day Gang Rape on German Woman in Austria

  1. As usual, I never blame Sand Niggers for what they do to us. The whole blame lies on the shoulders of those cretins that let them in. If you brought the poisonous snake in your house, you can’t blame the snake if you get bitten. From that point of the view Sand Niggers are innocent as babies, and the exclusive culprits are Socialist governments and their demented supporters. The only wish I have in this “business” is that as many as possible of demented Lefty females get rape-lessons and smashed jaws, as a cure for own defect – RDDS (Racial Dignity Deficiency Syndrome)

    If more Sand Niggers would be required for successful curing process, so be it, let more of them in. It’s just LEARN or DIE, and nothing in between. Of course, it would take more exertion, after “graduation”, to clean the Europe from muzzie-pollution, but it would be worth of every lefty mad cow, raped or beaten or both. Quality education, the one that works is costly process.

    • It would be nice to see some pushback from European males, but I understand how difficult that is with the governments punishing the white male for his opposition to the sand niggers.

      One theory is that these leftist cows want to get raped. Whatever, something’s going to break and plunge Europe into ethnic cleansing of these dirty snakes. Hopefully, the Jews and other traitors to the West go down too.

  2. I hope this story is big in Austria and Germany. Drugging and raping white women is normal Musloid behaviour and it happens all the time. Most of these crimes are never reported by the victims.
    I wonder which party this rape victim will vote for at the next German election? A white nationalist party or will she vote again for Merkel who caused her being gang raped?

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