Texas Latina Beauty Queen Jailed After Being Stripped of Crown


Alcoholism and drunk driving are very, very serious problems with Mexicans born and/or living in the United States. The lure of the sauce pulls them in and then they often get behind the wheel to drive home and sleep it off. I saw a large number of repeat offenders on several occasions.


Last month, we reported about Texas beauty pageant contestants who sued to have the winner of the Miss Corpus Christi competition stripped of her crown. They argued that Caitlin Cifuentes‘ criminal history should have made her ineligible for the pageant, so she should not have won.

Well, not only did they get their wish, but now Cifuentes is behind bars. According to the Corpus Christie Caller-Times, Cifuentes allegedly violated her probation. She was on probation after a car crash in 2013 where police reports said that her blood-alcohol content was almost three times the legal limit. In order to not have a felony conviction on her record, Cifuentes had to obey the terms of her probation, which included not going to bars, nightclubs, or any stores that serve alcohol.



According to the police, on June 11, the same night that Cifuentes won the Miss Corpus Christi competition, she was spotted at a nightclub. Video of her at the club was reportedly taken, although a YouTube link in the police report has been taken down, according to the Caller-Times.

Cifuentes turned herself in to the Nueces County Jail on Wednesday, where she is being held without bail until a probation hearing. Her attorney, Lisa Greenberg, said that Cifuentes’ appearance at the nightclub was part of her pageant-related responsibilities, the Caller-Times reported.

National pageant officials revoked Cifuentes’ title after other contestants filed their lawsuit against director Kayla Alvarez, arguing that Cifuentes’ criminal record violated pageant rules. That case is still pending.

Cifuentes looks like a full-blooded Indian with very little European blood flowing through her veins. The problems that Indians have with “firewater” are well-documented.

It’s doubtful that Cifuentes career in beauty pageants would have led anywhere, but unless she is able to overcome her attraction to drinking and places where drinks are served, she’s going to end up in prison for a long time.

6 thoughts on “Texas Latina Beauty Queen Jailed After Being Stripped of Crown

    • Not a LITTLE makeup, but a LOT of makeup. LOL. Before I became a race realist I had a dark brown Mexican girlfriend. It was several years before I saw her without makeup. It came as a genuine shock to me. I described her as “a sea of shades of brown and black” when the red lipstick and red rouge were not present. These girls are also very hairy, needing to spend a lot of money on hair removal.

      The contrast with my lady friend was as big as the contrast you see in the photos here.

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