Police Arrest Black Monster in Brutal Torture Murders of White Woman and Son


This case took a surprising turn as I investigated the heinous torture and murder of the Srameks. Read on for the details.

Georgia News Day

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – Gwinnett police say they have arrested a man and charged him with murder in the violent death of a mother and her adult son.

Investigators say Rickey Taylor of Norcross, age 28, killed Nicola Sramek, 61, and James Sramek, 29, Sunday night at the Barrington Hills Apartments on Chelsea Park Lane.

The Coroner said the victims died from blunt force trauma and stabbing.

Police announced the arrest of Taylor Thursday evening. He was linked to the murders through video surveillance footage and physical evidence, according to investigators. Police said they believe Taylor went on a crime spree that included several armed robberies in the Norcross area.

Taylor was arrested for one of those robberies on August 6. While in custody, he was later questioned about the murders of the Srameks. Police said Taylor knew James Sramek. Officers said it appears robbery was the motive for the killings.

In a statement Thursday, Gwinnett Police said “Taylor is a heinous criminal and exhibited the darkest side of humanity. It is very disturbing to know that there are people in our society who are capable of exacting such levels of violence against others.”

Taylor is charged with two counts each of Malice Murder, Armed Robbery and False Imprisonment.

We’re able to fill in more details on this story due to the efforts of Heavy.com. Excerpts:

He [victim James Sramak]had been making inroads in Atlanta’s hip hop scene for six years, reports CBS Atlanta. One of his co-workers told the station that Sramek encountered “push back” in the rap world due to his race. Simone Young said, “He never let that bother him because his thing was, ‘It doesn’t matter what I look like.’”

Sramek’s Facebook page has become inundated with friends paying tribute to the slain rapper. One person wrote that since she’s known Sramek he “never stopped talking” about how much he loved his mother.

Sramek went by the moniker ILLA in his rapping career. His YouTube channel (WARNING: Extremely Graphic Content) shows four uploaded videos with no updates since 2012. One such video merely shows Sramek performing oral sex on a woman at a party in Atlanta. A Twitter page for his music hasn’t updated since 2012. He was last mentioned on the social media site after he was selected to perform at an open mic night in Atlanta in June 2014.

There are photos on Sramek’s Facebook page showing him with Usher, 2 Chainz and Twista to name but a few.

And so we learn that James Sramek was a wigger rapper who seemed to be living the “gangsta” life. His interaction with groids got his beloved mother killed. That’s as blunt as I can put it.

You know the mantra that gets repeated here every time one of these types of murders comes up: Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

By the way, does Sramek the son look part black to you? He does to me. His videos show him with a light skinned Negro female.

avoid the groid crazu

The Gwinnett Daily Post informs its readers that the weapons the monster used to kill were a knife and a hammer. The paper also reports that Sramek was unemployed other than as a drug dealer and pimp.

Yep, mom give birth to a “nigger” (or a wigger) and paid the ultimate price.


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