Britain: Defiant White Guy Jailed for 18 Months For Saying Taboo Word to Black Mom and C-Word to Female Judge


The portly fellow pictured above has 47 convictions for making racist remarks. I’m not going to hold him up as a role model, but I will say that I admire his defiant attitude.

His encounter with a white woman judge while standing trial for apparently calling a woman a “nigger” has left him headed for prison.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

A judge who called a racist thug ‘a bit of a ****’ after he launched a foul-mouthed tirade at her in court is facing an official investigation over her remarks.

Judge Patricia Lynch, QC, received widespread praise for the robust way she dealt with John Hennigan when sentencing him for his ninth breach of an anti-social behaviour order in 11 years.

But she was placed under official investigation by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office after it received several complaints about her choice of language in court earlier this week.

During sentencing, the 50-year-old defendant told her she was a ‘bit of a ****’, to which she responded: ‘You are a bit of a **** yourself. Being offensive to me does not help.’

Hennigan, who has convictions for 47 offences involving racism and anti-social behaviour, then shouted back: ‘Go f*** yourself’, to which the judge replied: ‘You too.’

After the extraordinary exchange, Hennigan banged on the glass panel of the dock before performing a Nazi salute. He twice shouted ‘Sieg Heil’ and then started to sing: ‘Jews, gas them all.’ Judge Lynch was unperturbed and, speaking in a measured tone, simply turned to the guards and said sarcastically: ‘We are all really impressed. Take him down.’

Hennigan, from Harlow, Essex, was jailed for 18 months on Tuesday after pleading guilty to breaching his Asbo again in April last year when he made racist comments to a black woman shopper and her children in the town.

We aren’t told why Hennigan called the black mom a nigger. Gratuitous use of the word shouldn’t be a crime. Period. End of story. But for all we know he may have been justified in insulting her.

The courtroom exchange is also interesting from the perspective that he was able to get a woman judge to lose it in court and call him the names he was calling her. That’ pretty good work, something not often seen.

Hennigan’s mouth is going to keep getting him in trouble in politically correct Britain, where racial words are banned. At age 50 he has many more good years tweaking the nose of the system that denies him the basic human right to use every word in the dictionary.

Free men recognize no taboo words.

hey thats pretty good gif

7 thoughts on “Britain: Defiant White Guy Jailed for 18 Months For Saying Taboo Word to Black Mom and C-Word to Female Judge

  1. I don’t believe he called the Carribean mother a nigger. In a different Daily Mail article they said that after helping the mother with directions Hannigan stated he like natural. When the woman asked what was meant by that statement, he said he was against interracial relationships and that he preferred white children.

    The black woman felt she has the power to have him arrested instead of just walking away even though he never cursed her. I’m sure it was unpleasant to hear but get a thicker skin. As a white woman who grew up in the Bronx and who has has much worse invective thrown it has never once occurred to me to call the police over it (and even if I called I can imagine the laughter if I expected an arrest).

    Hennigan sounds like he has problems and doesn’t have a filter on his mouth, but to be arrested and sentenced for such a long time when there was no violence involved is unconscionable.

    • I read that same article too.

      Although not a very nice man. Once again, imprisoned for words.

      If they were able to imprison every single person for uttering non-pc words. I reckon, seventy to eighty percent would be in prison a any one time.

      I have known non-Whites given a non-custodial prison sentence for rape.

  2. “Free men recognize no taboo words.” Only non-Whites don’t recognize any such taboo words. Therefore only non-Whites are free.

  3. This guy needs to fight smarter, not harder. His country has been stolen by Jew traitors and given over to lefties, Muzzies and Coons. Anyone saying so out loud goes to jail. This is even worse then the novel 1984 and is more like Stalin’s Russia of the 1930s.
    In the novel, there were regular public hate meetings where people were encouraged to shout with strong hate against East Asia or Eurasia, whoever happened to be the offical enemy at the time.
    In modern Britain, to shout hate against East or West Asians or Blacks means immediate imprisonment.
    The only hate which is now allowed is hate for white people – even by whites. George Orwell did not go that far, in to the idea of self loathing and self hatred. How could such a race ever fight an external enemy, or even run a country?
    Why is it OK and encouraged by the Jew media to hate Iran as a nation but to dislike Iranians as people is a criminal offense with a stiff jail term?

    • In America we make war on Muslims, while admitting them into the country in large numbers and denying that they are the enemy. Maybe we should have allowed Jap migrants into America during WW II?

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