Attractive Boozed-up Naked Waitresses Arrested After ‘mule-kicking a cop in the groin’

kadie lynne nauman 23

Please, give us police body cam video of the two lovelies nude or this incident didn’t happen.

Georgia News Day

TWO naked women out for a swim were arrested after one “mule-kicked” a policeman in the groin.

The pair were skinny-dipping in an apartment pool when one allegedly attacked the police officer, according to an arrest warrant.

Kadie Lynne Naumann, 23, and Kyla Cole, 32, were each charged with indecent exposure after stripping off in Myrtle beach, South Carolina.

Naumann was also charged with assaulting a police officer after she reportedly kicked Patrolman Cody Burroughs in the groin and left thigh as he tried to arrest her.

Police were called to the complex at 11pm Monday after receiving a noise complaint, and found the two waitresses swimming – totally starkers.

They explained they wanted to take a dip but had forgotten their costumes.

The pair were drunk and had slurred speech and poor balance, according to the police report.

As Burroughs checked to see if any of the pair had outstanding warrants for arrest Naumann became “belligerent” and “unpredictable” and gave him no option but to arrest her, he said.

But as he put her in cuffs Naumann let her towel drop to the floor.

As he picked it up to cover her again, the 23-year-old “mule-kicked” him with the heel of her foot in his groin, he claimed.

kyla coe

In my efforts to thoroughly investigate this shocking case of feminine immodesty, I failed to turn up a video of the two nasty naked ones, but I did find that the Daily Mail covered the story. So here are two additional pictures of the prime pulchritude whose midnight swim brought them unwanted fame.

kadie lynne naumann 2

kyla cole 2

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking that I need a job. Perhaps at the detention center where my lovelies are being held? They’re going to be needing a strong manly presence to turn them from their wicked ways and I’m just the man for the job.

monkey laugh

cartoon laugh gif

10 thoughts on “Attractive Boozed-up Naked Waitresses Arrested After ‘mule-kicking a cop in the groin’

  1. OK, so let’s get a jump on the excuses. Anybody got any good ones yet? I’m currently looking at their noses so as to detect 0.000000000000000000001% mongolohemrroid traces, but if any of you have a better excuse please go ahead with it. Perhaps the “there were no strong men around!” Whose mere presence, of course, would have prevented this behavior.

  2. Stupid story. Plenty of other things that cops could be focusing on besides two naked biaches swimming. People do stupid things when they are drunk.

    Who cares?

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