Asian Man Saves Drowning Woman and her DOG in Louisiana Flooding (Video)

david phung dog rescue floods

Asians generally don’t like dogs. Kudos to Mr. David Phung for diving into some really nasty water to rescue a small chihuahua-mix type of canine.

Sky News

Footage has captured the moment a rescuer pulled a woman from a sinking car during floods in the US, before disappearing back under the water to rescue her dog.

They were saved just in the nick of time after becoming trapped inside their car during historic floods in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday.

The video, broadcast on WAFB, shows three men, who were on a boat, desperately trying to break into the car as it sinks into the water.

The drowning woman is pulled from a submerged car in the nick of time

“Oh my God, I’m drowning,” the woman is heard screaming, seconds before going silent as her vehicle becomes fully submerged.

With just moments left to save the pair, one of the rescuers, David Phung, jumps into the brown, murky water and disappears below the surface.

He manages to drag the woman to safety through the ripped roof of her convertible as she begs him to go back for her dog.

He is seen taking a deep breath, before disappearing again, only to resurface moments later with the panic-stricken pet.

“I got the dog, I got the dog,” he yells.

All three are understood to have survived the ordeal unhurt.


27 thoughts on “Asian Man Saves Drowning Woman and her DOG in Louisiana Flooding (Video)

      • @Paladin Justice
        Asian-Americans don’t eat dogs, they are as American as anyone else. I think you’re thinking of Chinese in China and Koreans in Korea. In Korea, eating dogs was banned in the 80’s (some still eat dogs because it’s to show their pride). Also, dog meat was never a traditional Asian meal, eating dogs was the result of hunger (can you imagine being hungry all the time?). After the Korean war, it left a million Korean kids orphaned, and for a while, South Korea was more poor than the North.

  1. Both she and her dog remained so calm throughout the ordeal. I wonder if dogs hold their breath under circumstances like this. The little rascal wasn’t coughing or snorting.

    I’m with Kermit, “YAAAAAY!!”

  2. No doubt that was epic. The downside is…………… was two Asians. This is the United States right? Weren’t the signers 100% White?!!! Did not they say, “Our Posterity”???!!!

    Wtf………….is going on.

      • Yea…….pains me to think about that fact. Our ancestors laziness/greediness, screwed us in the ass. Thanks Grandpa! If only we could get some power back and institute a “freedom of association” policy. Nature would take care of itself.

    • If the story is true, well yeah sad to say that it is more than likely an Asian dude will step up and help versus the Nog Kwans with penises

  3. By showing two sides of the story – like “hero Asian guy saving dog” and/or “drunk white bitches swimming naked and kicking a cop in the balls”, this weakens the impact of the other stories. “Coons hurting whites just for fun” and “Blacks and Muslims invading the West”.
    Being nice and being balanced is essentially being a liberal, in the true sense of the word. Nice guys finish last. Lefties and Jews never give a right wing white man an even break.
    Give the enemy a breather and he will sucker punch you.
    Maybe Paladin is building up some insurance to avoid jail for the trend of some other articles?

    • Not worried about jail, Robert. I’m much more worried about being assassinated.

      Which is why I haven’t revealed my real name and location.

      But the choice of material in the two articles you mention revolves around

      1. My idiosyncratic love of a good dog rescue story, or any animal rescue story for that matter. This is kind of my own #dogslivesmatter mission. In past stories, I’ve praised Hindus who rescue elephants in India.

      2. As to the ladies, that story opens the possibility of talking about whether women have too many rights. Those two have not handled their freedom well. The girls I went to school with were interested in marriage, children, and a stable family life. What the hell went wrong with America? I could blame it on the Jews, but we didn’t have to drink from his poisoned well.

  4. From his last name you can tell he’s Vietnameese, probably the son of one of a refugee who fled the communist takeover after we gave the South over to the commies.

    They aren’t like the Koreans or Chineese who eat dogs.

    • That’s not true.

      Historically and today, many Asian and other cultures raise dogs specifically for consumption, much as we raise cows and chickens. The Hindus consider the cow sacred and are as appalled by our eating steak as we are by dog meat. Many countries started dog consumption due to wars and famine for thousands of years and have continued the tradition to this day. Few Westerners can understand the misery and fear that starvation can bring on. We have all gone hungry on occasion but none of us have actually starved.

      Starving people in America back in it’s early history, have even eaten their dead to survive, like the Donner party and the first settlers of Jamestown.

      It’s easy to sit here and be an armchair moralist and say “Oh, I’d never do that!” But we really don’t know what we’d do until faced with certain death, then all bets are off.

    • I’ve seen headlines that the starving Venezuelans are eating pet dogs and cats as their economy has collapsed. I can’t bear to actually read the stories as the thought is too disturbing.

      The lady rescued looked and sounded Vietnamese. I doubt she would have a pet dog and then also eat dog meat. BTW, Obama admits to eating dog meat in Indonesia.

    • Why, my dear, what a brilliant observation. I never would have thought of it. I can see, now that you’ve pointed it out, that entire video is just a Hollywood production.

      How nice to see you again, but I hear you’re still not getting any. If my tw*t was that noisy, I wouldn’t either. Hahahaha!

    • Maybe you should worry about what goes on your little hick town where you all squeal tires and blare country music than what goes on in the state of Louisiana. We are very amalgamated down here in the bayou state and we have a unique cultural heritage and if you don’t like that then don’t every come down here. Your insults about one of our locals who is Asian American won’t change a damn thing about our cultural heritage. We have zydeco, blues, jazz, brass band music, New Orleans funk, New Orleans bounce, Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair and SECOND LINES. Dookie Chase’s restaurant in New Orleans has fed President of the United States. One in our of every eight so called white people have negro ancestry. We have beautiful Cajuns and Creoles. If you don’t like who we are and our unique and wonderful cultural heritage, then don’t come down here. It is as simple as that. We are a people of celebration and not a people of misery such as yourself.

  5. There are a lot of idiots on here who have to make it out to be a race thing and are hurling insults at an Asian American man. This man is a hero and he is a local. Down here in Louisiana we have a very amalgamated and unique cultural heritage. In case you didn’t know this but one in out of every eight so called white people in the state of Louisiana has negro ancestry, second only to the state of South Carolina. You can’t beat our cuisine, our gumbo, our zydeco, our brass bands, our jazz, our blues, our New Orleans funk, our New Orleans bounce, our Mardi Gras and our SECOND LINES!!!!!!! C’est si bon!!!!!!!

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