White Woman and Young Daughter Thrown Out of Apartment So Muzzie Scum Could Move In


Swedes holding power in government prove again what traitors they are to the indigenous peoples.

Fria Tider via Google Translate

Camilla Johansson and her 12 year old daughter thrown out of his apartment in Lidingö. The reason? A newly arrived family considered having it better than the Swedish family, writes News Today.

It was on Wednesday last week that 44-year-old Camilla Johansson got the shocking news. The apartment that she and her daughter live in the past four years are needed to the municipality’s new residents. Last August 29, they should have moved out, but they have nowhere to go.

– There is a new family to move into. They will establish themselves before they came to Sweden in the spring, says Camilla for free times.

She does not know if there is a Syrian refugee family or what it is for some to stay in the apartment, she has just been told that it is about new immigrants.

– I know nothing about them, she says.

The apartment is at one and a half bedroom apartment, but has been good enough to Camilla and her daughter who lives with her every other week.

Camilla got help to get the apartment of social services in connection with her, as she says, “hit the wall” and broke up from a previous relationship. She has not, however, lived on benefits without working full time with the claims and have always paid the rent on their own money.

The single mother does not know where she should go because it is difficult to get hold of residence. The municipality has, among other things gave her the advice to bring in a hostel.

The proposal: Hand over your daughter
The bureaucrats at the local authority has even suggested that the mother gives up her daughter and let her live full time with his dad, but that does not work.

– My daughter lives with me after every two weeks with her father every other week. But he works nights and then we tend to help each other, for he stops half past eleven. It does not work if she should stay with him full time, explains Camilla.

The municipality then has come up with the idea that the family takes the help of a family emergency that takes care of the daughter of the evenings dad works.

– A family emergency, I would not have, because there is no reason to have a family emergency. We are two adults who do not have any problem, she says.

“My daughter is cross cracked”
The news that the Swedish family has less than a month to find a new home taxing on them.

– I cry after all. When I told my daughter, she was told it on Tuesday. My daughter is cross cracked, says Camilla.

– Yesterday I cried all day at work, it’s lucky to have good colleagues.

The day before yesterday telephoned addition municipality Camilla up again and asked how she was doing and if she found a new home yet.

– I said, “you can go to hell,” she says.

The case of Camilla Johansson is the second high-profile case from Lidingö where a Swedish family with children thrown out on the street to make room for the new inhabitants of the Third World. In June, the Free Times wrote about Uffe Rustan and his two sons Rasmus, 15, and Linus, 17, who also evicted from his home because instead be used by newly arrived immigrants.

Western democracy is a farce. The burning question that still haunts me is why. Why would so many become so suicidal so quickly. It’s too easy an answer to blame it on the Jews. How can the culture be so against it’s own and so for the “other?” My best guess is that the two World Wars last century, both fomented by Jewish banking interests, have left Western man exhausted and feeling guilt over the mass killing and destruction that involved white man vs white man–German vs. Frenchman vs. Englishman, and so forth.

A rational response would involve a pan-European nationalism dedicated to preserving Europe. The first stirrings of that are seen in the Identitarian movement. The test will come when it comes time to either submit or kick the invaders and colonizers out.

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25 thoughts on “White Woman and Young Daughter Thrown Out of Apartment So Muzzie Scum Could Move In

      • They means “white people” of the government kind, right? The native Europeans need to attack police and government the same way Black Lives Matter does.

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  2. She may also be punished for working and paying her way. She should have been a welfare bum instead. However Norway and maybe Sweden too have policies where they may confiscate small kids belonging to bums – but only if they are white. Then the Govt gives these small kids/babies up for adoption. Parents rights are about nil, if native born and white or even Eastern European immigrants who are white.
    Pay tax or lose your kids. If you are a Coon or a Muslim, you will never lose your ten kids because that would be racist. So no need to work. Ever.
    This woman should make sure that the media is there when she is forcibly evicted and refuse to leave voluntarily. She might then be fired from her job which will strengthen her case for wlefare. Maybe she should do a minor crime then the Government will look after her. The West loves criminals but hates tax payers who obey the law.
    Good is Evil.
    Evil is Good.

      • But they will not because there has been a purposeful brainwashing of people about the Western World to view single mothers as “morally debauched” or “unmarriable women” or hoez.

        Stereotypes to vilify such that “Deserved Displacement” will take place.

  3. They are doing it here in Jew England but the media have not uttered so much as a peep. They’re using census data to justify evicting long time white residents in favor or more favorable nigger, spicano and jihad savage residents. I’ve heard of a number of cases where someone who lived alone in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment gets bootted where the space can be more efficiently occupied by a fambly of 5-15 muzzies or nignogs. The elderly are especially targeted, the most helpless group of all

  4. Single parenthood has become the most punishable “offence” in the West. People become single parents for various reasons such as death of a spouse or abuse, etc. Elderly people and children are also discriminated against. WHY?

    People have reiterated the term TAXES, which is the really a cloaked term for PLANTATION DUES. That is right, if you are a person who is old or too young to work, or if your are a single parent who has to look after kids, the government looks at you as a liability, as a body who is not on the plantation paying taxes.

    No paying taxes = no right to live or to have housing, kids, etc.

    The same shyte will happen here in the Kwa if people are not careful. Discrimination paves the way for DISRESPECT and then DISPLACEMENT.

    Elderly here are targeted for violence, as are kids and “women out alone”….all of this is bullshyte as it is just cloak and dagger bullshyte for a perception that these people “are not paying their way”.

    There are no nations, just plantations. Stand your ground.

  5. Oh, and these vulnerable groups that I just mentioned are criminalized so as to make their displacement look deserved as they are supposedly amoral according to scripted narratives played out my media, including hijacked Jew Tube:

    Old white men = pervs, dirty old men
    Old white women = hags, do not suck dick anymore so useless
    single mothers = all of them are strumpets
    single white men of marrying age = porn addicts, pedophiles
    poor kids = dumb, stupid, not raised well, no manners

    So the stereotypes concocted by the Orwellian, Freakbook society we live in are viciously circulated such that when these people are Deservedly Displaced no one will notice.

    Facism = the Unreal of ideal of inappropriately matched young to middle adult aged people marrying, fucking,and procreating so as to create a Working, Tax paying class to the Jew Plantation.

    • This is so true.
      If you don’t fit into what the media deems “normal”, then they will do their damnest to make you seem like the worst thing ever to happen to humanity and make others actually believe it!
      And then if you have niggers, jews and muzzies who are the worst thing to happen to our race, suddenly they are the best that the world has to offer.

  6. Oh one more thing:

    Married = Moral

    Unmarried = Amoral


    The idea of marriage TODAY is to have TWO INCOMES for the Jew Plantation and LESS EUROPEAN /GERMANIC progeny.

    The Pagan/Christian institutions have been hijacked by Jew Think…

    Trust and believe it is never about “what is best for the children” or “holding society together”.

    Lies, lies, lies.

    European woman = rented out pussy

    • I definitely don’t judge single/solo European mums assuming their babies are European, would happily support government support programs for them because they are our people, but have no interest in supporting non Europeans whether they are married or not I don’t care, we need to look out for our own people.

  7. I wish someone had some practical advice about steps we can take to ending this racism and discrimination we Europeans are suffering around the world, would love some good suggestions.

    • Some of the worse discrimination comes from our own who value materials over family and who will thrown their own “under the bus” so to speak for $.

      Until greed stops, I am afraid we will keep seeing these sort of incidents.

  8. It makes me wonder where is her husband? The father of the child?
    This is what ladies will get once they embrace feminism and rail against the Imaginary Patriarchal White Man. They lose the only species that would protect and defend them in a time of crisis. Based on the story , it’s clear the woman left her husband

  9. In soft cock jelly back Australia the vast majority of people who cannot get public housing are older white men. Women of all ages get subsidised public housing first, due to “equality”. Single mothers are even more equal and will even get emergency housing if they lose their place of residence for some reason. They keep the multi room place for decades after their kids have grown up and left! African rapefugees out of detention get public housing immediately.
    I am sent to the back of the bus and have already waited four years of an estimated ten year wait all of it over sixty years of age. This is punishment for daring to be white and born in Australia and paying tax for almost all of my adult life, and never have been convicted for even a misdemeanor.
    In Australia single mothers are a very favoured group. Married mothers who pay tax are ignored by the Government. Divorce = good. Marriage = Bad.
    White Abortion = Good, White babies = Bad.
    Criminals who have been to jail for serious crimes also get the fast track to public housing and they are not expected to work, because employers will “discriminate” against them.
    So in Australia it is topsy turvy, bums, druggies and panhandlers are rewarded especially if they have a dark skin (like Holy Abos), and hard workers get a punch in the teeth with brass knuckles.

    • Yeah, i see this happening a lot, even where i live.
      People who pay taxes are somehow considered inferior to criminals or those who don’t pay them…
      Not to mention a lot more priviledges and benefits that they can get. It’s just so stupid.

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