Watch As Hillary Says The Donald’s Death Would Benefit All Americans

From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 11, 2016

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Hillary Clinton flexes her communist bona fides in fantasizing about how great it would be to confiscate and redistribute the assets of Donald Trump following his death.

Speaking in Warren, Michigan, Clinton criticized Trump’s call for abolition of the death tax/estate tax, pushing class warfare.

The audience loved it.

Heavily downvoted, the comments are running against Hillary on youtube:

Just think what we could have done with the $8 Billion your State Dept lost while you was in charge

Now who is making the Threat of Violence against Trump

It’s NOT your money! You have some nerve talking about “values”, outrageous!

Between saying she would tax the middle class (and they cheered wildly) and taxing dead people who have already been taxed throughout those same earnings, is just saying that she wants more money from Americans so we can fund her dementia ridden fairytales.

This witch could stop making those line my pocket deals selling America to the rest of the world and that would save us a whole lot of our hard working revenue . Hillary for prison or she will keep piling up dead bodies and later all the way for the rest of us to FEMA camps. She wants to be America’s cyanide pill.

5 thoughts on “Watch As Hillary Says The Donald’s Death Would Benefit All Americans

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  2. Why don’t we take all that Clinton Foundation Money and give it back to the taxpayers???? Trump earned his money in business. Why shouldn’t it be his and his family’s? Typical communist drivel about taking what belongs to one man and his family and giving it to someone far less productive. When Hellary gives all her money to “law enforcement” and for public works, then she can talk. A great deal of the Clinton’s charitable donations in the last few years have been given to their “foundation” and to the “Clinton Global Initiative.” They just move money around and get tax breaks and plenty of virtue-signaling capital, all while potentially still having the use of the money. And she has the nerve to talk about Trump? Why doesn’t she donate mostly to totally independent charities over which she has zero influence? What a hypocrite!

    • Hypocrisy has been a mark of liberals since forever. Even bernie who preached equality or whatever just got a 600k$ home in a 95% white neighborhood with no blacks (it was on this blog too i think).

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