Savage 16 Year Old Ape Sucker Punches White 12 Year Old with Brass Knucks, Shattering Teeth

kane millsaps

The repatriation of ex-slaves to Africa following the Civil War should have been priority #1. We continue to pay the price for the errors of our ancestors.


Kane Millsaps, a 16-year-old Arkansas teen who brutally sucker punched a 12-year-old while wearing brass knuckles, could face up to 20 years in prison, according to Fox 16.

A discomfiting video of the incident, in which Millsaps can be seen punching the 12-year-old boy, was uploaded on LiveLeak soon after the incident and quickly gained thousands of views. Viewers were left dumbfounded not only by the severity of the incident itself, but also by the fact that a 16-year-old would punch someone much younger than him so needlessly. Now, Millsaps, who has been charged with first-degree battery, is set to be tried as an adult and could face up to 20 years in prison, according to The Daily Star.

One of the shorter versions of the video — 23 seconds in length — shows Millsaps swearing at the camera before flaunting a set of brass knuckles on his left hand. He then walks up behind his victim, who is chatting with his friends while standing on a skateboard, and punches him right in the face. The boy collapses immediately and attempts to save himself from the unprovoked attack. But despite him being in obvious pain, Kane Millsaps continues to punch his victim, till the point when one of his friends pulls him away from the 12-year-old kid.

Ever since the video emerged online, viewers have been shocked by the rashness, as well as the stupidity, of Millsaps’ actions, with many even going on to say that he deserves to get the maximum prison sentence for his actions.

Warning: Disturbing video:

When investigators asked Millsaps the reason for his attack, he reportedly told them that the victim was “running his mouth saying he was an MMA Fighter and he could beat [Millsaps] up.” When investigators asked the victim about what could have provoked the incident, the boy said that he did not even know Kane.

According to a statement given by the victim to the police, he lost consciousness soon after the attack and remembered waking up and thinking that “he had gravel in his mouth but it was pieces of his teeth

The story goes on to say that the ape’s attorney is using the “mental issues” defense to stop the case from going to trial. Actually, most of these apes are mental, which should mean that they would be cleansed from the planet if the world were sane.

Never turn your back on an ape, unless he’s a real ape like Harambe. Harambe was trustworthy. The “unarmed teens” that the press in America so tries to protect can also be trusted–to stab you in the back if you’re white.

One more thing. Our ancestors would have dragged Millsaps out of jail and lynched him. A good thing? Justice? You decide. I know what I believe about justice and the deterrent effect of lynching.

In any case, there’s nothing to prevent the U.S. from reinstating judicial corporal punishment that would involve the ape receiving 200 lashes (enough?) from a whip.

whip flog slave 3

12 thoughts on “Savage 16 Year Old Ape Sucker Punches White 12 Year Old with Brass Knucks, Shattering Teeth

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  2. “Never turn your back on an ape”. Essential advice, even turning ones back on a small dog can lead to an unprovoked bite.
    Cowards always attack from behind and without warning.
    So expect most Coon attacks to be of this nature.

  3. Mental issues? If he doesn’t get prosecuted over that stupid excuse then this is bullshit.

    This is why you always need to be careful around these “diversity” representatives and carry something with you. if not a gun, even a pepper spray is better than nothing.

  4. What’s the matter with the two other white boys? They just stand by and watch another white get severely beaten and do nothing? That’s one of our major problems. We don’t stick together, no tribal instincts. That black should have been terrified at the thought of attacking a white in a group of whites. He must have been pretty sure they’d to nothing. Pathetic. The girl at least tried to help the kid. Man, our race is one pitiful mess. Hope the victim doesn’t apologize to the black for his white privilege.

    • What could they do? If they did anything they’d have the president commenting on them. The white girls were in there kickin’ it with Kane as well. Tribal instincts are overridden by knowledge of the hell you’ll catch for even noticing this. Those boys were prudent to not do anything.

      • I must be seeing this differently than you, but the girl didn’t attack the guy on the ground but got the groid off him. Then again, maybe that’s what you meant. Sorry, but if a person sees somebody beating up an almost unconscious kid of any race and does nothing , they’re pretty pathetic. The joker filming this mess is not much either. This filming of real time horror is another issue altogether. Why don’t these kooks throw down the camera and do something to help? Our race is seriously in trouble. It’s not even that the kids did nothing, they really didn’t seem concerned about this attack at all. Kind of like the rest of the world is about the white genocide in SA. Man, somebody might think a person was racist or non-PC if they at least spoke up about it. It’s just not prudent. So, we’ll have to disagree on this idea that caution trumps doing the right thing and helping out a fellow human being, a white brother to boot, being viciously attacked. I realize they’re just kids, but it’s hard to imagine that guys of my generation decades ago would have stood back and allowed this to play out as it did. While your take on this is understandable and probably is indeed the prudent course of action, it still hurts to see whites of any age so cowed and callous that we stand by and allow things like this to happen.

      • The attacker did a sneak attack, but he showed the camera man the brass knucks, so the camera man had a moral duty to alert the kid who was attacked. That’s my opinion anyway. Thanks for weighing in. I can see you’re awake to what’s happening in our mess of a country these days.

  5. Be forewarned: this reply is mostly intended for the author. I am not trying to anger anyone. I do not hate anyone. I merely want to inform one at least of how I feel about this negative and damaging article. Also, I think this young boy needs anger management, direction and guidance, mentoring but nothing like up to 20 years. Maybe he can get this in a juvenile detention center for 6 months maximum. Both parties family should be in conversation routinely. My concern is why he did something so brutal to that young kid. I do hope that he recovered completely with no damage and that he will get counseling regarding this trauma he experienced.

    To the author of this article: Who are you and why would you call this young child an Ape? Yes, what happened was brutal. I have no idea why this young teen felt bold enough to harm this young pre-teen unknowingly. I hated to see that; but I can not judge him as you did. It concerns me that you would wish that slaves-maybe blacks had been sent back to Africa. Are you a Native American? Is there a place that you should go back to? If you are White and he is an Ape, then what are you? If you are any race and you are advocating for past repatriation, lynching, or beatings, using derogatory terms like Ape, then know that what you said is just as brutal, that is at least verbal abuse or hatred for one group of people. Slaves as you know were beaten and treated more brutally, murdered. So if one group of people should be hung as a resolution to the problems, then maybe most should be, what do you think? Many groups have been beyond brutal to one another as well. Where does it stop! I was angered and saddened by how comfortable you felt referring to a black as an ape. What you already now is that anger and sadness festers overtime and can easily lead to violence, FYI. You called him an Ape, you must be angry too and I am really not too sure why. Look at history-it starts there; you are perpetuating what’s continuing to be inevitable-violence.

    • The word “ape” is in the dictionary. It fits. Treating monsters with kid gloves results in more innocent blood being shed. This is a pro-white website, although sometimes I give polite liberals and blacks a chance to speak. Thank you for commenting.

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