Milwaukee’s Ladies and Gentlemen of Color RIOT Following Police Shooting

milwaukee riot

The American Negro will gladly take the white man’s money. He repays the white man’s genorisity by engaging in mass criminality. His gun will fire at the white cop (and the black cop, too), but when the cop fires back and his aim is true, the Negro becomes outraged at the injustice of the cop’s superior marksmanship.

So, tonight, Milwaukee, Wisconsin has one dead Negro criminal who carried a gun, followed by a riot to protest the injustice inflicted upon all Negros by the police taking out a criminal with a bullet.

At least a few liberals and many blacks will claim that the history of American racism justifies the sickening destruction documented here:

Riots and clashes with police have been reported in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which began after a man was shot dead by an officer during a chase on foot on Saturday. Police say the victim was armed with a handgun.

Scores of angry African American protesters gathered near the scene of the police shooting at Sherman Boulevard. What at first seemed like a Black Lives Matter-style gathering soon got out of control, however.

Several vehicles, including a police car, were set on fire, and the crowd of rioters then proceeded to break into and loot a gas station, which was then seemingly set alight as well. An eyewitness nicknamed EX414 livestreamed the escalating violence on his Ustream channel.

Shots were being fired near the gas station, preventing police from extinguishing the fire, the Milwaukee Police Department said on its Twitter account. Police had said earlier that they were responding to the disturbance in the Sherman and Auer areas, tweeting that “officers working on peacefully dispersing [the] crowd.”

Rioters apparently set several other properties on fire, including a bank. A live stream video showed thick smoke coming out of the windows of BMO Harris Bank, while several fire trucks parked in the area could be seen responding to the fire, after some hesitation.

Police officers have barricaded themselves inside a 7th district police station, witnesses report.

To the Negro, if whitey doesn’t rebuild what he destroyed, it’s institutional racism in action. So, of course, spineless pandering politicians will tax the white population to rebuild.

One more thing. It looks to me, as a preliminary conclusion, that the police were ordered to stand down and let the Negros gain control of the streets. That reaction will encourage more lawlessness.

Law and order anyone?

14 thoughts on “Milwaukee’s Ladies and Gentlemen of Color RIOT Following Police Shooting

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  2. I just wonder when these blacks will cross paths with a White Man with the training, the tools, and the desire to absolutely bring pain and destruction to them without any mercy? I guess since they have tended to perform these “protests” in their neighborhoods they have managed to avoid that bullet…so to speak. But with each of these events they seem to get more brazen and militant and things seem to spiral much more quickly than the previous incarnation (didn’t the “gentle giants” carcass lay in the street for hours before they cleaned up the mess and the riots only came some time after that?). Something tells me that once a cornered White Man uses an AR on a group of these nigs it will result in an unbelievable amount of violence directed against not only the blm thugs but also against any aggressive black. These stupid monkeys are setting on top of an open powder keg flicking their bics…I hope they are ready for the explosion they will create. The battle lines are being drawn and RAHOWA is a twitch of a trigger away.

      • They mostly riot in their own neighborhoods, not white ones. Also whites, a race with future time orientation, weigh the potential consequences of violent encounters and avoid them at all costs. The government, the “system” if you will, totally demonizes whites and favors blacks. Look at the reaction to Trump’s statements vs. the reaction to BLM for calling for police deaths or to blacks all over the internet begging for the killing of whites (#FYF911;# FukYoFlag; Khalid Muhammed promoting white genocide; just a few examples. ) It’s a “rigged” system , as Trump said, and whites are smart enough to know it. Also, most of these riots are outside the heavily armed South. Most blacks in the South know that the average white is armed, including a lot of the women, and if cornered might very well blow his black &&**&^% away. Being the rank cowards they are, orcs take that into account. If things ever do break down, and there are no effective law “enforcers” supporting the minority- coddling system, blacks may find there is a rage in whites that will be lethal for the rioting welfare leaches. Blacks are too stupid to figure out that the System-backing law enforcers are their very best friends, the ones who have kept whites in check for decades. It’s coming. When a German politician publicly calls for sending the migrants to distant islands, it shows a change brewing throughout the western world. It’s coming and the orcs are too dumb to realize that they only get away with it because whites allow them to. When that changes (please God, let it be soon) their black lives won’t matter one whit to a lot of whites.

      • Well said, and yes I know this. I lived through the 1992 LA riots, so they will riot anywhere they can, burning all neighborhoods they pass through, including their own. I have no idea if there are any underground groups organizing for this very thing. We need arms, tanks and planes if we are to stop this and we need to take them by force when the time comes.

        An excellent book to read from Amazon is Liberty’s Last Stand, where after 3 terrorist attacks in the US, the president declares Martial Law and Texas withdraws from the Union. The basic strategy seems to be let them make the first move, then we go after them.

      • Agreed as I have heard the same thing since the 80’s but to me the difference now is that the nigs are being deliberately worked up to go after YT. Before they were aimless and contained riots, even the rodney king riots. Now things are so fluid and immediate you could find yourself in one before you knew it. My point was that it will only take one White Man who is backed against the wall to change the whole narrative. Future oriented or not…when it’s Little Big Horn time a lot of gloves will come off.

    • “when it’s Little Big Horn Time a lot of gloves will come off.”
      Totally agree. The only thing holding a lot of people back now is the justifiable fear of government consequences. If the system breaks down, you’re absolutely right, things are going to change and blacks aren’t going to like the changes. Orcs think it will never happen. They just keep pushing. Well, good luck with that one of these days.

  3. When the soroses of the world and thir satanist cohorts collapse the system, or execute a nuclear emp false flag, etc etc a sobering though is there are from 50-70 millions of these savages in this country plus their sjw white zombie allies, la rasa, jihadists all bent on exterminating the white race and everything they have built./…..don’t laugh, it will happen with barely any backlash from our side

    And you have the full power if the law, gubmint on the side with their 2-3 billion hollow point rounds

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