Dey White! Beat Dey Ass (Mark Dice Video)

Mark Dice’s narration on this video, like all his videos, is amusingly funny. He’s doing great work. Many have noticed that the race realist troll in Mark is very strong.

The youtube comments are pure Stormfront and spot on. The SPLC loves this stuff because they get to raise more money to fight “racism.” Noticing that black people often hate white people is racist to them.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 14, 2016

Subscribe now for more! Watch a bunch of black people attacking white people in Milwaukee Saturday night after police shot another armed thug. “They white! Beat they ass!” Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

10 thoughts on “Dey White! Beat Dey Ass (Mark Dice Video)

  1. The USA should recommence the program of repatriating Negros to Liberia like they were doing in the 19th Century. This would be the best solution for all concerned. With a massive reduction in the Negro population the homicide rate in the USA would plummet and would be similar to Canada and Australia. Likewise Negros could then have their own black homeland and embrace their African heritage that they seem to rant on about so much. They would then be free to kill each other to their hearts content without molesting or interfering with the safety and good order of a productive, developed society. As I see it, it would be a win-win situation for both the blacks and the whites.

    • I’ve made that suggestion before. Back to Africa would benefit everyone. But the government isn’t listening to me and neither are blacks. The second best solution would be segregation, with blacks on their own reservations like the Indians.

  2. Diversity is our strength – Finally I understand the meaning of this “wisdom”, as emphasis is on the STRENGTH.

    From Webster:
    1. the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor
    2. mental power, force, or vigor
    3. moral power, firmness, or courage
    4. power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc.
    5. number, as of personnel in a force or body
    6. effective force, potency, or cogency, as of inducements or arguments
    7. power of resisting force, strain, wear, etc.
    8. vigor of action, language, feeling, etc.

    If we take out words – quality, mental power, moral power, courage, reason and arguments – the rest perfectly explains the “logic” of BLM anarchy.

    STRENGTH, POWER, FORCE, MIGHT suggest capacity to do something – and all these Niggers are definitely doing SOMETHING

    STRENGTH is inherent capacity to manifest energy, to endure, and to resist – Niggers have capacity and plenty of energy in throwing stones in “resisting” civilization that feed them for free

    POWER is capacity to do work and to act – Niggers have no capacity to do the work, but they can act

    FORCE is the exercise of power – Rioting, looting, burning and obsessive violence against Whites is their primordial instinct to exercise such “force”.

    This is happening while substantial majority of police is WHITE. No need to be a rocket scientist to comprehend reality with eventual Black police in majority. South Africa is the best exercise of Negroid takeover.

    SOLUTION is only one – Hosing down BLM anarchist with 30 mm Hughes M230 Chain Guns fired from AH64 helicopters, hopping that more will gather in “peaceful protests”.

  3. I also had a dream – Hussein the Kenyan Nigger arrested, court marshaled, hanged at the tree and left there to dry out on the late summer breeze, while sociopathic psychopath Killary faced her destiny – indictment, imprisonment and cross-rectal clitorectomy to suppress her ultra-feminist mania.

    FEMA camps finally opened for permanent “visitors” from SPLC, ADL, AIPAC, NJDC, RJC, Wall Street, MSM, etc. all dressed in striped pajamas, and engaged in building huge crematoriums. If certain Negro had his dreams which did materialize, why not mine.

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