Daily Mail Publishes Stunning COLOR Photos of America’s Great Depression

depression 1

Americans endured the hardships of a decade unlike another during the 30s. The Great Depression didn’t just happen. It occurred because of the (((Federal Reserve.))) You can look up Nobel-Prize winner Milton Friedman’s work on that subject.

But analyzing the depression is not our purpose here. We honor the survival instincts of Americans instead by posting these pictures. Click on a picture to enlarge it and put yourself into the time and place. Imagine the hardships. One of my departed family friends who grew up then said, “You could buy a hamburger for a nickle, but nobody had a g**damn nickle.”

Five samples of the American way life way during the depression are presented, taken from the Daily Mail.

depression 2

depression 3

depression 4

depression 5

More pictures and text can be viewed at the source.

13 thoughts on “Daily Mail Publishes Stunning COLOR Photos of America’s Great Depression

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      • Same here PJ. I used to here my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles tell stories about surviving through the great depression complete with picture albums, Dad came from a family of 10 kids and had to quit school after 9th grade to help out. They also told stories about neighbors and families pulling together (something that will never happen in todays excuse for a society)

        Dad went into the Navy WWII was at Normandy. Shortly before I was born he became a fireman. He was a selfless man helping others first. He was no rocket scientist but had more common sense than the entire faculty and student body or all the ivy league colleges combined.

      • You got that right Sab. My grandma left grade school in the 3rd grade after her Momma died. Picked cotton and lived on the farm.

        After my grandpa died, she did ironing and other duties to earn money. She was left with 5 kids, the youngest one 9 months. Any white cuck who goes on and on about white privilege around me is probably going to get their eyes scratched out.

        Grandma told me many nights meals were the same, beans with cornbread, fried potatoes, greens and maybe if they had it, peach pie for dessert.

  2. More white privilege…….I used to teach Sunday school when I was a teenager. My class consisted of kids ages 6-10. Most of them couldn’t sit still and concentrate. When I asked them why, their response was I’m just hungry ma’am. One of the kids told me their parents would skip a meal on Saturday night so the kids could eat instead.

    That broke my heart. I told my grandma and mom. Even with our limited resources, we did something. Grandma and I would bake biscuits that morning or make pigs in a blanket. I’d bring butter and jelly and milk so the kids could eat. They could finally concentrate.

    The pastor of our church wondered why I was bringing food to Sunday school class. I told him why. The entire church had a bring a can drive to church the following week. Kids were sent home with food.

    White privilege, y’all.

  3. Most older folks remember the Depression horror stories. My parents always believed if we didn’t have at least 3 years supply of food preserved, we were in dire straits. I always called it their “Depression Mentality”. They had been without and they meant to see that it never happened again. Their motto was “leisure time is wasted time.” We kids were supposed to be working at something productive-canning, hoeing, picking peas, tending livestock, whatever, but all designed to keep the wolf at bay.
    Sadly, the whole depression situation was probably orchestrated by the Federal Reserve and the big bankers to further the globalist agenda even back then. Read Congressman Louis McFadden’s June 10, 1932, speech in the House where he accused the Federal Reserve of deliberately causing the whole thing. This guy wanted to impeach Hoover and to bring charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Predictably his political career hit the rocks and he “died” suddenly in 1936. He probably would have been a Trump supporter had he lived today. Doubt Don Lemon would have like McFadden’s tone either.

  4. Notice anything missing in those pictures? There are NO Mexicans, Middle-Easterners, Indians (dots not feathers), Asians and Blacks. No roving gangs of thugs burning down cities and beating up and robbing folks while justifying their crimes because they “be oppressed and all.” Here’s betting that depression-era Detroit was a whole lot safer than the city is today. That 1930’s world was blissfully, unapologetically white. No matter how poor they were, they were better off than we are in our current multi-cultural hell.

  5. Beautiful photos, such a pity that I can’t buy Kodachrome film these days. Was one of the best photographic emulsions ever invented.

  6. The one lie that is told about the depression is that no Americans starved to death. I wish I could find the link (it was long ago) but its rarely mentioned that a fair amount of people actually starved to death during this time. My guess is that Americans are too embarrassed to even admit that.

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