Breaking: Family of Four Murdered in South Africa

crime scene tape

By coincidence, on Friday I was speaking to a woman who knows a South African white woman. The SA woman says that every white home is surrounded by a tall wall. There are cameras and alarms. Everyone in the family is fully weaponed up. The family has a plan in place on how to react to a security breach. Everyone is always on high alert, ready for a murderous attack.

This is the life of the white man in South Africa today.

As noted by the woman, the American press will NOT cover the ongoing genocide of whites in SA. Please talk about this issue to anyone willing to listen.


Police in Gauteng have launched a manhunt for five suspects following the murder of a family of four in Lawley south of Johannesburg.

It is believed that the father, mother, 19 year-old daughter and 21 year-old son were all shot and killed on Saturday night.

Police spokesperson Mavela Masondo says: “It is alleged that last night a male who is the owner of the house, was coming out of his house when he was suddenly approached by about five suspects who shot him.”

“After that they went into the house where they found the wife of the man, the daughter and the son and they shot all of them.
We are appealing to the community that if there’s anyone who has information as to who committed these brutal murders, they can please call the nearest police station”

Police say they are looking for between three and five suspects who shot and killed four family members.

The savage cannot be civilized. It is foolish to think so.

17 thoughts on “Breaking: Family of Four Murdered in South Africa

  1. Hey Paladin and others, I thought I would bring this third party presidential candidate to your attention. Please feel free to troll this coward and tell him he has no guts, whatsoever. He wants to give material assistance to the Kurds because they are always under attack, yet when I pointed out, under the name “Pat McGilvary”, that whites are being genocided, he leaves them to slaughter. Go to FB and type Chris Keniston for President 2016. He represents Veterans Party of America. Tell him what a piece of shit he is. I’ve provided the link where he discusses helping the Kurds, and where I’ve told him about the SA white genocide.

      • Awesome, cartermcloud! He got under my skin first by claiming to represent the constitution, yet persists that the federal reserve is constitutional. The Constitutional Party of America, which has been around since 1992, posts detailed descriptions of the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve Act. Anyone who claims to represent the constitution, yet refuses to name the federal reserve as an unconstitutional parasitic scam is lying to the people. Using his status as a veteran to bolster his credibility toward the constitution infuriates me.

      • I used a fake profile just so I could post where I needed/wanted. I was banned under my real identity after I defended Ann Coulter’s attack against the Sheldon Adelson primaries. I signed back up a few months ago. I have yet to be banned for slamming the jews on the same sites that banned me about 1.5 years ago. Jew bashing is becoming more and more acceptable, or maybe it’s getting harder to stop, now that it is starting to go mainstream.

      • Sure, he’s probably not worth worrying about. It was one of those things I took personally when he slammed me for “white supremicism” when I brought up the South African genocide of whites. I became quite personal at that point.

      • I don’t blame you a bit for going after him if he brought up white supremacy. Screw him. He’s a joke, but I didn’t see a Twitter for him. If he gets a Twitter, I’ll go after him a little. Just to screw him up.

      • This candidate is right thought that this country has been a “bully nation.” Perhaps if we had left South Africa alone and not push our beliefs regarding integration on SA, this family would be alive.

    • I don’t think many disagree about what our military has been doing for a long, long time. Most of the third parties want our soldiers to come home.

  2. Under the apartheid system South Africa had the best health care, best education and best economy in all of Africa. Even with the harsh economic sanctions imposed on them by the USA and other nations they still managed to maintain a good economy with low unemployment. They had a low crime rate and the lowest HIV infection rate in Sub-saharan Africa.

    Then after years of international pressure, increased rioting and turmoil by Negros who were often organised and funded by international Social Justice Warriors, apartheid was dismantled. The white men stepped aside and handed control over to the blacks of the most developed country in Sub-saharan Africa. Then what happened? The health care system went to shit, the education system went to shit, the economy went to shit and corruption became endemic. South Africa was the rape and murder capital of the world for a number of years and violent crime still remains among the highest in the world.

    HIV infection exploded to the extent that it further overwhelmed the beleaguered healthcare system. To make matters worse, in their savagery and stupidity many thick-skulled Negros actually believed that by having sex with a virgin their HIV infection could be cured. This resulted in hundreds of HIV positive black men raping both black and white children in the idiotic belief that this would cure them of HIV. What it did do was make South Africa even more unsafe for women and children and made the HIV epidemic worse.

    Middle class and upper class white people who had money, businesses and who contributed to the tax base have mostly fled to Britain, Canada, USA and Australia this has further damaged the economy. It has also resulted in a drain of skilled professionals as doctors, engineers, optometrists, IT professionals, teachers etc have been leaving in droves over the last 20 years.

    At one stage violet carjackings by black gangs were so common that some white South Africans even starting equipping their cars with flamethrowers! Don’t believe it? Watch this:

    True story, I once met a black South African man at a training course, he told me that as a middle class black man he actually preferred the apartheid government. Sure apartheid meant racial segregation but even the blacks benefited from access to good healthcare and education. They could walk the streets in safety, they had employment. Now even black middle class families have suffered as the economy has fallen apart and crime has become rampant. South Africa is simply another of the many examples that demonstrate quite clearly that blacks are incapable of governing themselves effectively and providing a safe and prosperous society. If you want an African country to be a safe, prosperous and fully developed country then it needs to be ruled by whites and it needs to be ruled with an iron fist.

    • Or, just say fuck you to africa and africans, send them all back and have the whites come back to europe too.
      Why should you care about africans or how they handle their nations? Monkeys will be monkeys, fuck’em all.
      We should just care about our nations and how to make them good and prosperous while throwing out any “diversity” in it.

    • Good post. David Duke has stated that he is receiving some support from the black community. My guess is that it is for similar reasons that you reference in the middle class black man toward the end of your post.

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