Austrian Jailed for Hitler Cat Photo

hitler cat

The following story shows the death of freedom of expression in Europe very clearly.

Excerpt from The Local Austria

An Austrian has been sent to jail after being found guilty of posting a montage of Nazi-inspired photos onto social media, including one of a cat making a Heil Hitler salute.

The 38-year-old man from Flachgau in the state of Salzburg was sentenced by a court on Thursday to 18 months, 15 months of which are suspended.

The defendant, who pleaded guilty and apologised in court, was found guilty under the Nazi Prohibition Act of posting around 20 Nazi-inspired photos over a two year period, including many that alluding to gassing people.

One photo was of a cat that had been positioned as if it was making the Heil Hitler salute used by the Nazi party as a greeting.

“It is not about a single photo but rather an impression of the overall context,” said state prosecutor Markus Neher.

A house search carried out by police also found items of clothing belonging to the man that had Nazi symbols on them, including the numbers ‘88’ which are symbolic for HH, indicating ‘Heil Hitler’.

In Germany today, the head of the country’s domestic security Hans-Georg Maaßen confirmed that they are observing the far-right Identitäre Bewegung (Identitarian Movement), in particular their anti-refugee and anti-Islamic campaigns.

“Immigrants who have Islamic beliefs or are from the Near East are being defamed in extreme ways,” he said. “Therefore we are now also observing the Movement.”

The Identitarian branch in Austria has been increasingly active this year, including storming refugee plays and asylum lectures at universities on several occasions.

Under natural law there is a basic human right to believe what you wish and to express your beliefs. A belief in the divinity or in the mission of Adolf Hitler may offend almost everyone, but so what? There is no right under natural law to never be offended.


8 thoughts on “Austrian Jailed for Hitler Cat Photo

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  2. How come the Jews that keep promoting Hitler every day inside Austria never get sent to jail? For example, the so called non stop documentaries on the Hitler Channel (aka history channel). These Jews cash in on Hitler and real life images of the guy day after day after day.
    How can the cat photo be worse than what they do?
    Also the Jews are making big money via this crime. In addition they are suppressing the truth about the true crimes of the Jews in the Soviet Union. Probably Austrian Law supports and even compels the suppression of Jew crimes.
    I.e. could publicizing say 20 pictures of Jew mass murders of Russian Christians, priests and nuns, the Holodomir and the killing or the Tsar and family be a crime in Austria?

  3. The Tsar and his family were all executed at the signed orders of a Jew. Lenin and Trotsky did not sign the order, but obviously knew about it on advance.
    Every person involved in the top secret massacre was a Jew. They could not trust Russians to kill their own Tsar and keep it a secret so only the Tribe, or (((Mafia Gang))), could be relied on for this task.
    Not one person in one thousand in the west knows about this shocking Jew crime, but they all know about the Holy Six Million Tribe “victims” of the National Socialist Government. They all know about book burning and attacks on synagogues – but not the 40,000 churches destroyed in Russia by the (((criminals))).

  4. Muzzies get encouraged to express their opinion and brainwash people with their religion of peace crap, while lying, raping and murdering europeans, just like the koran tells them to do to unbelievers and if you say something against it you’re an racist (because islam is a race) or an islamophobe.
    But post or say some things about hitler and you’re the one going to jail.

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