White Mom of Four Sentenced for Sex with 14 Year Old Nonwhite Boy She Was Adopting

christy lynn jaski

Christy Lynn Jaski is a Christian social justice warrior. Her life has been dedicated to bringing nonwhite children into America so that other cucked white Christians would adopt them.

She forgot that charity begins at home.

She also forgot to keep her hands off a 14 year old Filipino boy.

Daily Mail

A North Carolina woman has admitted to committing sex crimes involving a 14-year-old boy who her family was in the process of adopting from the Philippines.

Christy Lynn Jaski, 43, of Wilmington, pleaded guilty Tuesday to three counts of misdemeanor sexual battery.

She was sentenced to three years of probation, and as part of her punishment she must also register as a sex offender for 30 years.

Prosecutor Lance Oehrlein says Jaski kissed and groped the Filipino sometime between December 2014 and January 2015.

Oehrlein says Jaski also sent messages to a friend in the Philippines admitting she had kissed the child, whom she called ‘her son.’ She was arrested in February 2015.


When the teen was interviewed about his encounter with his would-be adoptive mother, he said that Jaski had French kissed him and got on top of him as he was lying down.

Jaski is married and has four daughters between the ages 11 and 18, two of whom were adopted from China. Her husband works for a non-profit organization that promotes Christianity on college campuses.

According to her defense, Jaski has been interested in adoption from the time she was young girl.

In 2004, Jaski launched a ministry dedicated to helping families raise money for adoptions. Through her efforts, more than 20 children have been placed with families in several states.

Her attorneys say the woman hasn’t had any contact with the teenage victim since he was removed from the Jaski family’s home and placed in another state.

When you begin with the wrong premise, you end up in the wrong place. Jaski’s premise was that America could absorb more nonwhites and still be America. That’s an incorrect premise.

Surely she will not be facilitating the importation of more darkies into formerly white America. That’s a good outcome here.

A husband with any self-respect would divorce this horrible creature. But he’s a Christian and so he’ll take his cuckoldry and like it.

Their brand of Christianity is destructive to them and to America.

The rest of us should reject it and shun them.

white babies

7 thoughts on “White Mom of Four Sentenced for Sex with 14 Year Old Nonwhite Boy She Was Adopting

  1. OK, let’s figure out a way that this woman is not white. Hang on, I’m looking at her nose……OK, now looking at her eye sockets………yeah, just like I figured, she is a negress. Saboteur you are just maligning white chicks again!!!!!

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  3. “In 2004, Jaski launched a ministry dedicated to helping families raise money for adoptions.”
    Why flipping Flips?
    Why not adopt white babies?
    Lots of white meth heads popping out babies that they have no idea how to bring up, or interest in doing so. Often the grandmother does the task, someone that said no to drugs gets to do all the hard work all over again.

    Third World adoption to the West should be outright banned.

    • The claim is that there are no white babies to adopt, and so infertile white couples will take an Asian or Filipino or whatever they can afford. It’s insanity. Although you will not like my advice to them, they should get a dog. Dogs are loyal and don’t cost much, relatively speaking.

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