Trump Blamed: NYC Imam Shot Dead, Second Muslim Critically Injured in Broad Daylight Attack

According to at least one source I saw police are saying that two Muslim males shot in the head on a public street in broad daylight were the victims of an attempted robbery. Muslims, as seen in the video above, are claiming that the attack was a hate crime.

Marxists are fanning the flames of Trump hatred by blaming Donald Trump for the shootings. Which is of course ridiculous.

The most likely scenario is a a trigger happy Negro robber or a Muslim on Muslim killing motivated by some religious differences or personal squabble.


A Muslim imam was killed and a second man was critically wounded on Saturday while walking home from afternoon prayers at a mosque in the New York City borough of Queens, according to media reports that cited witnesses to the shooting.

Tiffany Phillips, a spokeswoman for the New York Police Department, confirmed that two men in their 50’s were shot on a street in the Ozone Park section of Queens.

One of them was killed and the second was gravely wounded, but Phillips declined to provide any more information about their identities.

Police have yet to identify a suspect and the motive was still unknown, she said.

The shooting took place at about 2 p.m. EDT (02:00 p.m. EDT) two blocks from the Al-Furqan Jame Masjid Mosque, where the two men had worshiped, New York’s NBC television reported. The iman was killed and the second man was wounded, it said on its website.

14 thoughts on “Trump Blamed: NYC Imam Shot Dead, Second Muslim Critically Injured in Broad Daylight Attack

  1. If that is Trump’s fault we have another reason to vote for him

    Our passive behavior toward every day hajjis in the West makes them think we are weak and easy targets

    Being inviting is not a positive trait in the moslem world

      • lol most likely though I do see more negro Trump supporterst then I ever did see of the cucks the GOP normally runs

        I have no idea if Trump will win, that will come down to voter turn out and Trump needs to work on suppressing dnc voter turn out but tearing down the hildeabest but…. I will saw rural NC and SC is awash with Trump signs. Like I never saw with Bush and the other cucks

        Course that’s a national election so what I see don’t matter all that much and the real trouble is getting damnyankees esp city yankees to vote for their racial interests vs their cultural bossmen

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