Latinos Held at US Detention Center on Hunger Strike, Pledge to DIE Unless Released

latino illegals hunger strike

Stay hungry ladies. That means more tacos for the real Americans.

‘We will get out alive or dead’: Migrant moms on hunger strike in US family detention center

Twenty-two women have gone on a hunger strike to draw attention to their “confinement” with their children. While Homeland Security says migrants are never held for more than 20 days, some have spent over a year in the Pennsylvania detention center.

“What we’ve been doing is ensuring the average length of stay at [family detention] facilities is 20 days or less. And we’re meeting that standard,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said last week, sparking an outcry from the women being held in Berks County Detention Center in Philadelphia.

“The Immigration Department has made a public announcement stating that in family detention center parents and children are detained no longer than 20 days. We want to disprove this information!” the women stated in an open letter to Homeland Security.

“We are 22 mothers who are detained at Berks Family Residential Center being mothers who have been from 270 days to 365 days… We are calling on the government to take action on this matter and open their eyes, letting them know that Immigration is acting against the law and is mocking them, making arguments that are false,” the letter stressed.

The women, who come mostly from Central America, are being detained pending court decisions on whether they should be deported. The women said they fear that their children’s health, both mental and physical, will suffer as a result of their long confinement, as they have refused to eat and been depressed, with some even having “thought about suicide.”

“They grab [the cords of] their ID cards and tighten them around their necks and say they are going to kill themselves if they don’t get out,” the letter states,” the letter states.

The mothers are urging the authorities to at least adhere to the Flores Agreement – a 1997 act that governs the standards for the detention and treatment of minors in immigration custody. They demand that “juveniles be released from custody without unnecessary delay” to those who are ready to take care of them. The Berks mothers claim that all of their children have relatives in the States who are ready to help out.

“We have children ages 2 to 16 years old, [deprived] of having a normal life… They ask us if we have the courage to escape. We are desperate, and have decided that we will get out alive or dead,” the mothers write.

You know what Donald Trump would say:

trump gif you have to go back

8 thoughts on “Latinos Held at US Detention Center on Hunger Strike, Pledge to DIE Unless Released

  1. “Latinos Held at US Detention Center on Hunger Strike, Pledge to DIE Unless Released”.

    Either they die, or the USA dies.

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