Knifeman Stabs and Burns Five Adults, One Child on Swiss Train

swiss train attack

The only information the police will release about today’s Swiss train attacker is that he is Swiss.

That dearth of information has led to much speculation about a Muslim being responsible. So let’s be rational. The terrorist in this case IS A MUSLIM UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.

Excerpt from

Swiss train passengers – including a six-year-old child – have been attacked by a man with ‘fire and a knife’ sparking fears of a new terror attack.

According to early reports, a man boarded the train, started a fire and then began stabbing passengers.

At least seven people, including the attacker, were left injured – suffering from burns and knife wounds after the 27-year-old man launched the assault.

A six year-old child is reported to be among those attacked by the man, who police revealed is a Swiss citizen with a ‘typical Swiss name’.

Swiss site, claimed the suspect was ‘on fire’ when police tackled him and suffered serious burns.

“Can anyone confirm?” is the translation:

2 thoughts on “Knifeman Stabs and Burns Five Adults, One Child on Swiss Train

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  2. Paladin… If the perp. would have been a “white” Swiss national, it would have been said immediately & as well added that he was ?? A white Swiss Nazi Right Wing extremist KKK member & had his living room plastered with photos of A Hitler !!

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