Chinaman Chops Down Tree–To STEAL A BIKE! (Videos)

bike thief

There’s a bonus video with this story, which is about chopping down a tree in China to steal a bike. The bonus video shows a gang of dindus in NYC also chopping down a tree to steal a bike, just as was done in Asia.

In America, the crime rate among Asians is lower than it is for whites, although the data for white crime rates is skewed upward by the inclusion of Mexicans and Middle Easterners as white. China’s system of punishments may be very harsh, leading to a low crime rate there.

Whatever punishments the Chinese thief may receive when caught, it takes a true anti-social lowlife to chop down a street tree to get to a bike.


CTV footage captured in Changsha, Hunan Province, China on Monday shows a suspected thief cutting down a tree in order to steal a bike. It is not known if an arrest has been made.

Bonus video:

4 thoughts on “Chinaman Chops Down Tree–To STEAL A BIKE! (Videos)

    • Right. Those blacks were running back and forth working up a sweat but it all seemed very disorganized. A lot of work for a bike and the bastards had to kill a tree in the process. Damn them.

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