Cambodia ‘Jungle Woman’ Returns Home After True Identity Revealed

Ro Cham H'pnhieng sits outside her house in Oyadaw village

I looked up the average IQ in Cambodia. It’s estimated to be 90. If the woman in the picture is a representative sample, these people are a dark brown race, with a vaguely Negroid look.

The Communists undoubtedly killed off the smartest people in the country during the “killing fields” years when the people underwent mass torture by the far left Khymer Rouge murderers who killed one million Cambodians.

There’s nothing in the story below to link Jungle Woman to the Communist terror, but Sky News is far left anyway, so I wouldn’t expect them to go in depth on her story.

Sky News

A woman believed to have lived as a feral child in the Cambodian jungle has been reunited with her father following a tragic case of mistaken identity.

The woman, who was discovered scavenging, naked and caked in mud, was returned to her biological family on Saturday, after almost a decade living with the wrong family.

A Cambodian family took her in after she was found back in 2007, identifying her as their long-lost daughter Rochom P’ngieng.

Rochom went missing in 1989, aged eight, while herding water buffalo in a northeastern province that borders Vietnam.

It was believed she had spent 18 years living in some of Cambodia’s wildest jungle, earning her the nickname the “jungle woman”.

A missing Cambodia girl sits at her hous

Last month, however, her biological father came forward with proof that the woman was actually his daughter Tak, who went missing in 2006, just a year before she was found.

Her father, a 70-year-old Vietnamese man named Peo, said he had recognised his daughter, who suffers from mental health problems, after seeing photos on Facebook.

Rochom Khamphy, a member of her adoptive Cambodian family, said they had accepted Peo’s claim and bid an emotional farewell to Tak on Saturday.

“We gave her back to his Vietnamese father. Both my family and Vietnamese relatives cried while watching their reunion,” he said.

“We are going to miss her.”

Tak was caught by a farmer sneaking from the jungle into a village in 2007 to steal food.

She was said to have struggled to return to everyday life while living with the Cambodian family, often eschewing clothes, preferring not to sleep in the family house, and several times seeking to return to the jungle.

So Jungle Woman was not a feral wild child as the Cambodians thought.

I have a gut feeling that she will be returning to the jungle again, though. She was clearly not happy living with the Cambodian family. But of course, she is Vietnamese. She wanted to be with her own tribe.

It’s unfortunate that America and Europe are not allowed to return their former jungle dwellers back to the jungles they came from. The “jungle bunnies” now residing in the West would be so much happier there. Just as Jungle Woman was happiest in her jungle.

5 thoughts on “Cambodia ‘Jungle Woman’ Returns Home After True Identity Revealed

  1. Cambodians do largely look like her. There are many tribes within that, and other, countries. But her appearance is common enough.

  2. Imagine the improbability that the MSM could even be taken in by a mentally ill lying fraudster. Could not happen with the modern journalistic nose (!) for truth?
    Could this “jungle” woman be a daughter of Bill Clintons?

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