Blue Pools Matter: Incompetent Brazilians Still Have a Green, Fart Smelling Olympic Pool


So far, no MAJOR catastrophes at the Rio Olympics, but a daily list of minor ones has emerged.

So-called racists have opposed a turd world Olympics from the beginning, but the egalitarian left insisted on politicizing the Games and their location. There are no turds floating in the diving pool, but there is something amiss there.

he outdoor Olympic diving pool, which turned a startling shade of green Tuesday, is now closed. It reportedly smells like farts and may be causing eye itchiness among athletes.

Since Tuesday, Olympic organizers have repeatedly assured athletes and fans that the pool is safe and that the situation was under control. Rio organizing committee spokesman Mario Andrada told reporters on Wednesday that “the pool should go back to its classic blue color during the day.”

That clearly didn’t happen. Instead, reports trickled in that the adjacent pool used for water polo and synchronized swimming also began to turn green.

The cause of the emerald tides is still murky. Officials have discussed running out of an unnamed chemical used to treat the pool, algal blooms, too many people using the pool, and a pH imbalance. All of those may be factors. It’s conceivable that the organizers ran out of a chemical, such as muriatic acid, used to balance the pH of the pool, normally kept around seven, and wound up with a higher, alkaline pH. With the acidity out of whack, the disinfecting power of the chlorine would decrease and give algae a chance to get a foot in the door. When combined with hordes of microbe-toting swimmers and warm temperatures, all of this could lead to a jade lagoon.

However, if the cause is known, it’s unclear why the situation hasn’t been remedied yet. And if the disinfection level was lowered, it would open the door to viruses and bacteria as well. That wouldn’t jibe with officials’ confidence that the waters are safe.

Western standards of truth are unknown among Mestizos, who tend to lie about anything and everything. They have no idea what’s going on nor how to fix it.

NEVER hold the Olympic games in a mixed race or black country again.

7 thoughts on “Blue Pools Matter: Incompetent Brazilians Still Have a Green, Fart Smelling Olympic Pool

  1. “NEVER hold the Olympic games in a mixed race or black country again.”

    This is logical, but showing the Third World for the shithole it really is via the Global Media is surely a good thing. All those brainwashed young athletes also must face the reality that only Western countries can manage simple issues like hygiene.
    Why? Coons and browns have no idea or interest in how to clean and sterilise things, but most of all it is about corruption. In the Turd World and all shithole countries, everything not nailed down is stolen. Lots of these chemicals and water filtration systems would have been stolen or never even bought in the first place.Corrupt bosses pocket the cash even though they know their entire country will be disgraced internationally.
    There is more than one kind of Blue Water, for crooks it is a free holiday elsewhere.
    Welcome to diversity! Welcome to the Jew World Order! Goodbye to ethics, altruism, patriotism, honesty and good public health and order. Brazil is the future.

  2. I should mention also that the Sydney Olympic Games were built on top of a toxic rubbish dump. Even PCBs had been dumped there an plenty of asbestos etc. I used to play on this rubbish dump while a teenager and now I have two heads.
    Greenpeace visited me one day demanding a donation, before 2000. I said they had not told the world that the Olympics were being built on a rubbish dump.
    As I have said before, all is fraud, illusion, delusion and dishonesty.
    Especially the Olympics and all sports involving big money or fame.
    The (((media))) is in cahoots with this fraud and dishonesty otherwise they would have reported the toxic underpinning of the Sydney Games,
    Not to mention no country can win without paying massive bribes to corrupt Olympic Officials.
    Did I mention that the Olympic Games are corrupt?

    • With Brazilians, I suspect the level of corruption is several magnitudes higher.

      I haven’t watched a minute of the Games nor have I followed any news about medals and winner. Stories about corruption and incompetence are what interest me.

      • I will go out on a limb and say that the Greeks were cheating and doping way back 2500 years ago. Nobbling competitors drink and food is one way to win. Not just enhancing ones own performance.
        All horse trainers know hundreds of different ways to cheat, and win or lose as required. Bribing some or all of the jockeys is a classic and I do not doubt the jockeys of chariots could be bought in Ancient Rome. They were paid much more than politicians, the same as the situation today.

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