White Christian Mom Offers Advice for When Your Lovely Daughter Marries a Gentleman of Color

anna and glenn

Here’s a story that offers a look at the stupidity of modern Christians. A mother is derelict in her duty and tries to justify it with modern Christian-babble. And where the hell is white dad?

Excerpt from Daily Mail

A Georgia mother has given some awkward, yet sincere, advice on a Christian blog about what to do when your daughter brings home a black man.

Gaye Clark, a cardiac nurse from Augusta, says all she wanted for her daughter Anna was a husband who was ‘godly’ and ‘kind’ as well as a great father and a good provider.

She describes herself as an ‘open-minded mom’ in her post for The Gospel Coalition – but then ‘God called my bluff.’

‘This white, 53-year-old mother hadn’t counted on God sending an African American with dreads named Glenn,’ she wrote.

Clark notes that not too long ago that interracial marriage – ‘particularly a black man like Glenn marrying a white girl like Anna’ – was considered the ‘ultimate taboo.’

While she insists that she never shared this prejudice, she concedes that was because she never thought the issue would factor in her life.

She accepted Glenn as her son – and so offers her heartfelt guidelines to other parents for ‘when your white daughter brings home a black man home for dinner.’

‘All ethnicities are made in the image of God, have one ancestor, and can trace their roots to the same parents, Adam and Eve,’ she tells them.

‘As you pray for your daughter to choose well, pray for your eyes to see clearly, too.’

She adds that Glenn went from being ‘a black man to a beloved son’ when she recognized him as ‘a brother in Christ.’


What the hell is wrong with this cucked, brainwashed woman?

She failed as a parent and now she’s using Bible sh*t to justify her failure. And the sh*t she’s spewing isn’t even Biblical.

Tens of thousands of years of evolution separating the Negroid from the Caucasoid races and this monster throws it away, thus dishonoring her ancestors. Mothers are supposed to protect their daughters from their folly.

This entire family disgusts me.

Hey, “Christian” woman. Your daughter is gonna be a single mom after the inevitable divorce. Get used to it. She watched too much interracial porn growing up, lady. And your grandchildren are going to be niglets. You’re going to get the eye of shame cast your way by people every time you’re out with your niglets. Furthermore, you’ll be lucky if your daughter’s husband doesn’t beat her to death. She’s twelve times more likely to experience a good ass beating with a black husband than with a white man.

Jesus, woman, you’re stupid. Everyone knows that black males “muh dik” means they can’t be faithful. Everyone knows the potential for violence lurking under the surface. I won’t pray for the success of the marriage, madam, but I will pray that all of you make it out alive and uninjured and that you learn the truth about race and preach it to the world afterward.

anna and glenn2

I found 30 Bible verses in one source that show the Bible forbidding race mixing. God cares about racial identity. He wants the white race to keep it’s identity and he wants the black race to keep its identity, too.


The Bible Forbids Mixing of Races (Interracial Marriage is Forbidden!)

1. God wills all races to be as He made them. Any violation of God’s original purpose manifests insubordination to Him. (Acts 17:26, Rom. 9:19-24)

2. God made everything to reproduce “after his own kind” (Gen 1:11-12, 6:20, 7:14). Kind means type and color. He would have kept them all alike to begin with had he intended equality.

3. God originally determined the bounds of the habitations of nations, so they would be saved. (17:26, Gen.10:5,32, 11:8, Dt. 32:8)

4. Miscongenation means the mixture of the races, especially the black and white races, or those of outstanding type, or color. The Bible even goes farther than this. It is against different branches of the same stock intermarrying such as Jews marrying other descendants of Abraham ( Ezra 9-10, Neh. 9-13, Jer 50:37, Ezek 30:5)

5. Abraham forbade Eliezer to take a wife for Isaac of canaanites ( Gen. 24:1-4). God was so pleased with this that He directed whom to get ( Gen. 24:7, 12-67)

6. Isaac forbade Jacob to take a wife of the canaanites ( Gen. 27:46-28:7)

7. Abraham sent all his sons of the concubines, and even of his second wife, far away from Isaac so their descendants would not mix (Gen. 25:1-6)

8. Esau disobeying this law brought the final break between him and his father after lifelong companionship with him ( Gen 25:28, 26:34-35, 27:46, 28:8-9)

9. The two branches of Isaac remained segregated forever ( Gen 36, 46:8-26)

10. Ishmael and Isaac’s descendants remained segregated forever ( Gen 25:12-23, 1 Chr 1:29)

11. Jacobs sons destroyed a whole city to maintain segregation (Gen 34)

12. God forbad intermarraige between Israel and all other nations ( Ex 34:12-16, Dt 7:3-6)

13. Joshua forbad the same thing on sentance of death ( Josh 23:12-13)

14. God cursed angels for leaving their own “first estate” and “their own habitation” to marry the daughters of men (Gen 6:1-4, 2 Pet 2:4, Jude 6,7)

15. Miscogenation caused Israel to be cursed ( Judges 3:6-7, Num 25:1-8). Note that Phinehas’ act was righteous ( Ps 106:30)

16. This was solomon’s sin ( 1 King 11)

17. This was the sin of Judahites returning from Babylon ( Ezra 9:1-10:2, 10-18, 44, Neh. 13:1-30)

18. God commanded Israel to be segregated ( Lev 20:24, Num 23:9, 1 King 8:53)

19. Israelites recognized as a seperate people in all ages because of God’s choice and command ( Matt 10:6, John 1:11). Equal rights in the gospel gives no right to break this eternal law

20. Segregation between Israelites and all other nations to remain in all eternity ( Is 2:2-4,Ezek 37, 47:13-48, Zech 14:16-21, Matt 19:28, Lk 1:32-33, Rev 7:1-8, 14:1-5)

21. All nations will remain segregated from one another in their own parts of the earth forever ( Acts 17:26, Gen 10:5, 32, 11:8-9, Dt 32:8, Dan 7:13-14, Rev 11:15, 21:24)

22. Certain people in Israel were not even to worship with others ( Dt 23:1-3, Ezra 10:8, Neh 9:2, 10:28, 13:3)

23. Even in heaven certain groups will not be allowed to worship together ( Rev 7:7-17, 14:1-5, 15:2-5)

24. Segregaton in the O.T. was so strong that an ox and an *** could not be worked together ( Dt 22:10)

25. Miscogenation caused disunity among God’s people ( Num 12)

26. Stock was forbidden to be bred with other kinds ( Lev 19:19)

27. Sowing mixed seed in the same field was unlawful ( Lev 19:19)

28. Different seeds were forbidden to be planted in the same vineyards ( Dt 22:9)

29. Wearing garments of mixed fabrics forbidden ( Dt 22:11, Lev 19:19)

30. Christians and certain other people of a like race are to be segregated based upon behavior ( Mt 18:15-17, 1 Cor 5:9-13, 6:15, 2 Cor 6:14-18, Eph 5:11, 2 Thess 3:6-16, 1 Tim 6:5, 2 Tim 3:5)

If you consider yourself a good christian, then you must support racial segregation, because God certainly supports it!

Don’t even think about calling yourself a Christian if you approve of race mixing. The devil has control of your mind. Cast him out and see the truth.


Twenty years from now this same “Christian” woman will be spewing sh*t about how great it is that her granddaughter is marrying another girl. Or her pet turtle.


Also see israelect.com

28 thoughts on “White Christian Mom Offers Advice for When Your Lovely Daughter Marries a Gentleman of Color

  1. Church’s today are very corrupt. They spread all this universalism and don’t teach true bible doctrine. The bible is for White Adamic race only. The bible states kind after kind. If our people don’t repent and come away from these beasts, they will be thrown in the Lake of fire.

    • Oh and only the white race is in the image of Yahweh god, not the sub-human filth. He breathed the breath of life into only our people. Adam means ruddy, to show red in the face. That is describing our people. We are the only ones that can blush.

    • There’s a pic of the family with dad at the source or on one of the other sites covering this story. He looks like a complete gamma male, completely dominated by women. Of course, he can’t help how he looks. So sad.

      • Suppose he spoke up…would it matter? Would they stop and obey dad? I don’t think we can blame father’s anymore. We could back 50 years ago, but not today. But we can’t blame mothers now either, sadly, not even in the alternative sphere.

  2. “…All ethnicities are made in the image of God, have one ancestor, and can trace their roots to the same parents, Adam and Eve,’ she tells them….

    As a “former” Evangelical, I am so embarrassed and ashamed that I actually believed this absurd lie, that I am now making it my mission to harass every evangelical I know and demand an answer to this ABSURITY! “How is this possible”, I ask them? How do the Primary Races all come from a Single source? It is BIOLOGICALLY impossible. I demand every Christian to provide an explanation. They can’t. I thought the “Jew” was a taboo. RACE is the ultimate Third Rail.

  3. ‘All ethnicities are made in the image of God, have one ancestor, and can trace their roots to the same parents, Adam and Eve,’ she tells them.


    Yeah let’s just believe in the old testament filled with jewish shit when Jesus came to us and died so we would escape it.

  4. This couple looks ridiculous together. She is a very attractive and slim young woman who could have scored an attractive, tall, fit, healthy young man with a high salary and short hair.
    Her husband has the mark of Cain all over him.
    Lord give me strength, they know not what they do.
    Even if he was white, his horrible hair would disqualify him as a no goodnik lazy bum. The guy looks like a janitor. Or an unemployed person, like most people with dreadlocks.

  5. “After a year of mass immigration that culminated in the Brussels terror attacks in March, just one in 10 Belgians think migrants are beneficial to their society.

    An Ipsos poll for broadcaster RTL and newspaper Le Soir found that only 10 per cent have a positive view of migrants, believing them to be “too numerous and a source of difficulties”.

    Some 60 per cent also believe there are too many immigrants in Belgium, a number than has been consistently high for the past five years.”

    Now who could that 10% possibly be, I wonder ?

    Well I understand that 7% of Belgium’s population are Moslems. So that’s 7 out of 10 accounted for. The rest are probably SJWankers, (((them))), feminists and so on.

    As for the 90% that don’t see migrants are beneficial to their society well tough poo poo, what do they think Belgium is these days ? a democracy ?

  6. Right after integration was installed at the point of a gun, the first movie padding the way for race mixing was Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?


    Produced & directed by Stanley Kramer, a jew.

    arly years[edit]
    Stanley Kramer was born in Manhattan, New York, in a neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen due to its reputation as a tough, gang-ridden area. His parents were Jewish, and having separated when he was very young, he remembered little about his father.[7]:102 His mother worked at a New York office of Paramount Pictures, during which time his grandparents took care of him at home.[8]:23 His uncle, Earl Kramer, worked in distribution at Universal Pictures.

    By 1967, jews had pretty much taken over Hollywood. Everyone needs to study the history of how the jews took over our country. A good start is Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, a free PDF download. I have corresponded with Kevin and he is generous and kind and admired in “racially aware” circles and writes for the Occidental Observer.

  7. I see a number of these poor souls around here. Old White Grandmothers dragging their half orc grand-spawn around with them pretending it is just a great and wonderful thing. You kinda have to feel sorry for them because they ended up trapping themselves by embracing the feminist/multi-cult narrative. Perhaps they didn’t go out and protest for it but they accepted it and then gambled it would never come back to touch them personally because others would pay the price…. the young White Men who would be passed over for jobs and the like. They already had theirs so they were safe… they were wrong and now they have to put on a smile and embrace it knowing deep down inside they have failed their very ancestors gene pool.

    • We had a white male professor who with his wife adopted two niglets. The cost was less than for white babies. What a fool he was. The niglets are adults now. He’s dead, but his liberal wife soldiers on. Me, I’d rather have dogs. Or even cats. Or like you, chickens, goats, etc.

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