Obama’s DOJ Forces Schools to Accept Chaos, Normalizing Disobediance

violent-student-arrest ben fields

First the public schools were terribly “dumbed down” to accomodate the Negroid race following the school integration and busing that was forced on whites in the 60s and 70s.

Now, the decline in public education is accelerating.

There’s no short, catchy name for this phenemenon that I am aware of. It’s simply that the federal government, in the name of ending “racism,” is forcing schools to stop disciplining students, 90 percent or so who would be members of the Negroid race.

We are now being told that behaviors that I NEVER saw while attending a working class white high school in the 60s, Chalmette High School, are acceptable and indeed are normal and to be expected.

Not in the time and place where I grew up.

Excerpt from the Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina sheriff’s department whose deputy tossed a student across a classroom after she refused to give up her cellphone has agreed with the U.S. Justice Department to do its part in ending what the federal agency calls a “school-to-prison pipeline.”

The settlement of a civil rights review comes as the American Civil Liberties Union sued South Carolina in federal court on Thursday over what it calls the criminalization of normal adolescent misbehavior. The lawsuit challenges the state’s “disturbing schools” and “disorderly conduct” charges as unconstitutionally vague.

The sheriff of Richland County, Leon Lott, said Thursday that he agrees with the ACLU on these points. He called the “disturbing schools” charge commonly used against students a “terrible law” that has been “misused and abused.”

Lott also said the agreement’s requirement that officers be removed from any classroom management duty is a positive outcome from the videotaped confrontation last October at Spring Valley High in suburban Columbia.

“That’s an incident we have to live with but it doesn’t define us,” Lott said, and the DOJ is “helping us out.”

The DOJ agreement , effective Friday requires Richland County to provide intensive annual training for deputies working in more than 60 schools on how to de-escalate situations, avoid bias and interact properly with disabled students. It also requires the creation of an advisory group including students and parents, which must issue initial recommendations by Nov. 1, and the hiring of outside consultants approved by the DOJ to assist with compliance.

The incident last fall that gave the Obama DOJ the excuse to bully the school system (and thus influence schools nationwide) into ignorning bad behavior involved white deputy Ben Fields taking down a defiant, sassy black female student who had created a disruption in class by constant use of her cell phone.

This post last fall covers the deputy’s firing. This post offered a full video of the incident.

Below is a gif of the incident I ran on one of the four or five posts on the arrest of the black female, who had for an hour or more been defiant that she was not going to give up talking on her phone in class. She had been ordered to get out of her desk so she could be brought to the principles office. She refused and what you see below ensued.


The liberal press used the video to intimidate whites into seeing to it that the deputy, Ben Fields, was fired, while pushing the narrative of a racist white cop’s police brutality toward a poor “dindu nuffins” girl. The video was replayed over and over on the news, with white liberals screaming for justice for the poor innocent young Negress.

Well, now we see the first step in the ultimate outcome.

The American public school system, already a joke because of the uneducatable Negro, is going to descend into even more chaos.

Looking on the bright side, I’ll have more classroom videos to post showing teachers being assaulted and black brawls.

8 thoughts on “Obama’s DOJ Forces Schools to Accept Chaos, Normalizing Disobediance

  1. That deputy is a hero, not a bum.

    LBJs “Great Society” has morphed in to the Washout Society of panhandlers, bums and druggies and Sambos.

    or the Nigrrafried States of The Americas. More money needed for Coons.

    The Dumb Society. More money will solve this. ADL, ACLU and SPLC Jews will keep the cash.

    The Violent Society. Less cops will solve this. No prisons for blacks, problem solved.

    Should of, ought to have, deported them couple of million Coons 150 years ago before they done multiplied in to 40 million uppity blacks.

    • War is peace. Up is down. When things get this crazy, it’s a hopeful sign that somebig big is going to break out. Or we could just keep going on into a new Dark Ages. I’m not good at predicting. If a civil insurrection comes, I hope I’m around to see it, wherever in the world it happens.

    • The more stuff blacks and Muslims pull, the more our eyes are off the Jews, pulling their political and financial shennigans. Like TPP. First Hillary was for it. Now she says she’s against it. How long before she’s for it again?

      Parents will now have to fight even harder to see that their children get some semblence of schooling. Trump says he would return control of the schools to the states, which would help, but it’s doubtful that (((they))) would let him.

      When you read the story fullly, the white sheriff Leon Lott is a race traitor supreme. He needs to be impeached, but I bet that area is half black and they know he has their backs.

      • That is something I alluded to at Tradyouth.org. I like Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott and have tremendous respect for each, but I’ve been subtly pointing out that finally, the tea party websites and zerohedge type of websites are running the same stories now. In other words, the types of people who have bent over backwards to avoid the race issues are now regularly discussing it. No one runs jewish question headlines yet, but that’s where I hope we can contribute.

        The focus needs now to go toward the ringleaders of it all, the jews. The fight needs to go in phases. The Bernie Sanders left are the ones we can recruit from in my opinion. Young people trend toward liberal, we all know that here. Just get rid of the left/right paradigm and direct it all toward the jews/elites. We need more numbers to bring the system down. Once we bring the system down, then we can segregate according to our preferences, without parasites dividing us on their terms.

      • Well thought out, however, how do we bring the system “down?” And what do we do with all the jew, nigger and muslim filth? Rhetoric is fine, but we need logical, practical and workable solutions.

      • One very simple “logical, practical, workable solution” is deportation and repatriation. People say it’s impossible. Why? All these Mexicans, Moslems, Asians, Indians, Africans and Chosenites arrived by the multiplied millions in Western countries within the last few decades and for the Jews within the last century or so. They can leave the same way they came in-by boat, plane or on foot. It’s no harder to depart from USA shores than from African or Middle Eastern ones. What’s required is the white will to make really hard, unpleasant, not so “fuzzy, warm, feel-good” choices -in short, the will to take care of one’s own people first, the way sane societies have always done. Sadly, dragging out some picture of a squalling black child makes whites go all suicidally compassionate. They’re more than willing to destroy their own children’s future for the sake of kids many of whom grow up to burn little old white ladies alive. The trick is to make the West so non-white unfriendly and unhealthy that the parasites will literally run over themselves leaving. At a minimum ALL benefits, housing, medical care, schooling etc. should be refused. Stop feeding the beast and it will either die, or go elsewhere for food.

      • I don’t know what exactly what the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” will be. I feel there needs to be a new political party that explicitly attacks banking and debt. I think it’s a matter of getting enough young people on board. Debt Repudiation will be the key selling point.

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