Obama’s Daughter Shakes Her Ass as He Condemns Respectable Behavior by Women as Misogyny (Video)

malia twerking

For those of us who are estranged from the Negrofied, Jewified American culture of the year 2016, it still comes as a shock that the Kenyan goatherder’s son would condone his daughter’s twerking at a music festival.

But looking on the bright side, Malia is a strong, independent black woman who don’t need no man.


President Obama’s 18-year-old daughter Malia appears to be taking her father’s opposition to slut-shaming to heart, after she was caught on camera twerking and flashing her booty on several occasions.

In an essay published yesterday, Obama proudly reveals himself to be a “male feminist” while decrying “the attitude that punishes women for their sexuality and rewards men for theirs.”

He goes on to rail against the societal expectation “that raises our girls to be demure.”

Malia Obama was anything but demure when she was filmed displaying her booty at a concert in Chicago, having skipped the DNC to attend the gig.

Malia is seen sticking her tongue out and writhing her ass around as a group of girls scream hysterically.

A great message to send to young women, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Malia upped her game later on when she was filmed twerking and rubbing herself up against other young girls.

Given Obama’s insistence that traditional role models which encourage women to be ladylike and demure are outdated and sexist, he’s probably proud of her.

The rest of Obama’s ‘male feminist’ essay is riddled with the usual anti-intellectualism and fraudulent claims that have come to characterize modern-day feminism.

Obama complains about “street harassment” of women while shockingly failing to mention the migrant rape culture sweeping Europe.

He slams “harassment” of women online while conveniently ignoring the fact that 50% of misogynistic tweets are sent by other women.

He ends the article with a tedious call to elect Hillary because she has a vagina, while overlooking the fact that she takes hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia – the world’s superpower when it comes to actual misogyny.

Ah, the cultural enrichment that the Negroid race has brought the world.

Do I hear an “Amen?”

13 thoughts on “Obama’s Daughter Shakes Her Ass as He Condemns Respectable Behavior by Women as Misogyny (Video)

  1. O’Fuckma’s embracing of the current slut culture ensures that today’s young women will NOT be marrying and bearing children, thereby helping exterminate the White Race. And what decent, warrior man would one one of these????

  2. I don’t know why but I keep thinking of her as Malaria….well….it some close to Malia. I was also under the impression that she and her sister were rent-a-family children for Barry and Michael

    Speaking of twerking. I was at the local senior center (as in old farts) sitting inn the compute room and passed through a main area used for movies, yoga, meditation and other larger gatherings. In the morning they have yoga and exercise. Lately a groid has been teaching the group. It’s bad enough when they brainwash young white kids into doing the monkey poopy squat (aka twerking) but a bunch of septa and octogenarions twerking to (c)rap music GAG

  3. Pity the Secret Service agents that have to watch over her … or are they off somewhere else with their Columbian hookers?

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