German Flight Attendant Saves Argentinian Dog from Life on the Streets

rubio argentina dog

Here’s another story with a happy ending thanks to a European woman. Enjoy!

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

When stray dog Rubio first set eyes on German flight attendant Olivia Sievers he decided he would do whatever it took to make her his new owner.

Ms Sievers had shown the neglected dog kindness when she first met him in Buenos Aires over six months ago.

The animal lover gave him some food and from that moment on he began his campaign to become part of her family.

Rubio waited outside Ms Sievers’ hotel with his big puppy dog eyes every night.

Falling in love with the dog and his persistence, Ms Sievers eventually decided to bring him home to Germany and on Friday he set off around the world.

He appeared to have a nice trip and Ms Sievers said after landing in Frankfurt ‘Rubio was perfectly treated at Lufthansa Animal Lounge’ while he waited for his paperworks.

The stewardess has continued to keep fans of Rubio updated with his progress since his relocation.

Photos on her Facebook page show him visiting a lake, going for walks with her other dogs and loving life in his new home.

sievers and rubio the dog

rubio the dog in germany

There are more pictures and story details at the Daily Mail.

6 thoughts on “German Flight Attendant Saves Argentinian Dog from Life on the Streets

  1. What no quarantine in Germany for a dog from South America, home of lots of diseases?

    Beware of acts of kindness. All good deeds are punished. She could have got a better looking and healthier dog locally and supported dog breeders etc instead of rewarding reckless unsterilized Third World behavior slum style.

    I like the photo where she kneels with her body weight on the dogs head.

    How do you know if the country or city you are in is a shithole? First sign is that there are street dogs, which of course receive no vet treatment or injections of any kind. Nor do any of them ever get sterilized, same for street cats. To me people feeding street dogs are foolish, it is like feeding Africans. No good can come of this, instead more street dogs and more Africans. The dogs must be fed all year including in cold winters – or else they will find food which can sometime be other dogs not in their pack, farm animals, or even human beings in isolated locations. What goes on at night in the street dog world is not pretty. No wonder street dogs all long to be adopted.
    Better to shoot them all in my opinion which is out of kilter with Paladins dog loving view. I ride a bicycle and street dogs hate bicycles and bicycle riders. Most Turd World riders ignore this but I always stop and take the dog or dogs on with stone throwing etc, up to a limit of 5 dogs or so. Above that number might be too many for me. Dogs are cowards except when they have the numbers, and they run away, except for large and dangerous guard/sheep/fighting dogs which are never street dogs in my experience, ie Alsatians, Rottweilers, Dobermanns, Mastiffs and so on. Only an idiot would feed a large and dangerous street dog, so they tend to be middle sized with big friendly begging eyes which do not take my cold heart in for one moment.

    If all people gave beggars nothing, there would not be one beggar in the whole world. Bad behavior should not be rewarded.

    • I visit the local dog and cat lady almost every day. I bring pizza from a pizza restaurant dumpster. After a few hours, if a pizza isn’t sold, it goes in the dumpster even though nothing is wrong with it. Her 30 or so dogs all get a pizza treat everyday, a few bites for each dog depending on the number of pizzas I can get.

      Dogs can’t help being homeless. There are many with excellent personalities. Hillary is a big ugly dog with a very sweet disposition. She’s one of my favorites in spite of her name.

      The dog in the story isn’t pretty, but I’ll bet he’s an excellent companion.

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