German Family Seeking Asylum in RUSSIA Because of Muslim Invasion

griesbach family

I hope Vladimir Putin reads the story of the Griesbach family and sees to it that are provided a safe haven in Russia. They look intelligent and physically fit and would be a fine addition to the Russian population.

Daily Mail

A German family travelled to Russia before claiming asylum – insisting their homeland is no longer safe because of the influx of migrants.

Carola Griesbach, 51, and her husband Andre, 45, drove the 1,400 miles from northern Germany to Moscow’s Red Square in a VW camper van to escape the ‘German dictatorship’.

Two of their daughters, Dominique and Julia, along with four of their grandchildren were also crammed into the van.

The family left Germany for a number of reasons including that they were concerned about the number of migrants entering the country.

However, since arriving on New Year’s Eve in 2015, they have been stranded at a small motel in a forest outside the Russian capital with the authorities knocking back their claims for asylum.

The Russian government considers Germany a ‘safe’ country and the family are not allowed to become asylum seekers in Russian.
But the Griesbachs claim they had no time to organise more suitable paperwork.

Andre said: ‘We have been worried ever since we staged a protest against the German Government outside the Bundestag [Parliament] from September to December 2013.

‘We don’t feel like Germany is a safe place for us, or to bring up children.

‘When we left Germany in December 2015 we had no time to organise anything.

‘We only got a tourist visa just so we could enter the country. There was no time to arrange a work visa.’

Since arriving in Russia’s famous Red Square, the family have been relying on the good will of the Russian people and legal technicalities to allow them to stay.

The Griesbachs claim that the agreement between Russia and Germany to stop fighting in 1918 was no true peace agreement, and that therefore the countries are still at war. In this scenario, they argue, the Russian state has a duty to protect them.

And they are desperate to stay.

There’s no word in the story on the location of the fathers of the grandchildren. Ideally, they are saving in order to pay the cost of traveling to Russia. Or perhaps they are working in Germany in order to send the Griesbachs some money.

As Germany darkens up and turns into a third world country, smart white Germans might think about how and where to relocate. A war on whites and on Christianity is probably unavoidable. Germans will have to decide whether to keep their country or turn it over to scum and join Islam.

8 thoughts on “German Family Seeking Asylum in RUSSIA Because of Muslim Invasion

      • Well, not really. It’s true they get beat up in some of remote “redneck” areas, but government is sucking up to muzzies anyway.

        I never really understood “Russia the Savior” mentality. Especially when it comes to Islam.
        If islamic militant “refugee” has to pay smugglers and swim in a dingy to get into EU, islamists from Central Asia just have to buy a plane,train or bus ticket to Russia.

        In short, both suck.
        EU – harder to get in(especially Balkans), but govt’s of western EU will go full “Captain Sweden” on you.
        Russia – much easier to get in, but you can’t really apply for welfare(not enough budget for that crap).

        Notice that
        “authorities are knocking back their claims for asylum.
        The Russian government considers Germany a ‘safe’ country and the family are not allowed to become asylum seekers in Russia.”

        + Video of scum from new year on Red Square, Moscow, 2014, but that happens pretty much every year since late 2000’s. Almost Cologne, except russian women(unlike german) have adapted to it and just avoid the place, therefore not much to sexually assault and harass there.

  1. At least they will be able to speak their minds without some bolshy middle class moron ringing the police to ave them arrested.

  2. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Every white country except Iceland is controlled and dominated by unelected Supremacist Jews in the only area that matters in the long run – demographics, although they control Central banking also which gives them unlimited power in all areas of the economy. Jews demand non stop invasion of non working brown and black scum to all Western countries and they have succeeded.
    Russia is full of non whites who are breeding like crazy, while the white population is falling. Dirty non white gypsies and Muslims are also breeding like locusts in several countries in Europe.
    Africans and Muslims are repopulating the world with lazy dumb arses.
    Whites are doomed and therefore so is our advanced technological civilization. First to go is the welfare State. Only a white nation can afford an altruistic welfare State.

  3. This family could go back to Germany and all become welfare bums and live well. They can truthfully argue they are all unemployable due to their political protests include amusing Russian asylum stunt. If the Govt will not pay, then they may have to commit some crimes like stealing food or break in to an empty house and live there until arrested. After this the Govt will pay because they (Govt) love criminals, drug addicts and scum. Soft cock Govts logic is that ex prisoners do not have to work because most employers will not touch them. Druggies with dreadlocks never have to work, so grow some dreads or get on to drugs. Therefore, welfare for life.

  4. Who are the real IQ67s? The Africans living on European welfare, having large families and never working? Or the white cuckolds slaving away paying high taxes and having no children because they are so busy?
    If your country is being invaded by non white scum, stop working and paying taxes. Go on welfare. If enough whites do this the welfare system will collapse and so will non white Immigration except for actual workers who pay tax such as Indians and Chinese.

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