Donald Trump Tells Protester: “YOUR MOTHER IS VOTING FOR TRUMP” Erie Pa Rally 8/12/16

donald-trump-winning-gop smile grin

Donald Trump was the toast of the town today, with an admirably witty retort to a black lives matter protester. Scroll down and watch the minute of video.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 12, 2016
Donald Trump mocked a protester at a rally on Friday by telling him that his mother is a Trump supporter. During a rally in Erie, Pa., a man interrupted the GOP presidential nominee’s speech by yelling “Black Lives Matter.” “Go home to mom,” Trump responded. “And your mother is voting for Trump.” One reporter tweeted that there were Black Lives Matter protesters in the venue as well. Trump responded, “Go home to mom! And you’re mother is voting for Trump! She’s voting for Trump!” Several protesters interrupted the speech minutes earlier, holding up signs that read “Tax Forms.” Trump has refused to release his tax returns.Donald Trump Tells Protester: “Your Mother Is Voting For Trump”. during his erie, pa rally a protester interrupted trump which drew the response “go home to mommy”, followed by the instant classic “your mother is voting for trump, She’s voting for trump its true”.. the new slogan. bumper sticker for 2016 has been born. Donald Trump flexed his maternal insult skills at a rally today. Watch: This was a double whammy, too. First, he implied the protester he was lipping off to still lived with their mom and then he said their mom was voting Trump.

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