Disgusting Egalitarian Jew Bernie Sanders’ New $600K Home in 95 Percent White Area (Zero Blacks)


Lew Rockwell

Nice digs. And oh dear, it turns out that where Equality Bernie and Equality Jane are going to be hanging out a lot from now on is also not very diverse:

North Hero, VT
White 95%
Latino 1.6%
Native American 0.6%
Asian 0.2%
Black/African American (just about statistically zero)

Feel the heartBern former Bernie donors. Suckersssss.




Was his new house a payoff from Hillary in exchange for his endorsement?

6 thoughts on “Disgusting Egalitarian Jew Bernie Sanders’ New $600K Home in 95 Percent White Area (Zero Blacks)

  1. It was, probably, the high percentage of hypocrites as well as the absence of backs that drew him to the area.

    Let’s hope there are plenty of people such as this creature in his neighborhood.

  2. Is is easy to love Coons when there are none on your island. I learned years ago in Australia that the only people that really hated Abos were the ones that actually knew them or lived near them, or got robbed, bashed or raped by them. Most city people had no dealings with Abos so never thought about them one way or the other.
    Bernie is a hypocrite but that makes him a normal Jew.
    Socialism pays very well, but only for some (!), and that modest beach shack would be the tip of the iceberg of Bernies real wealth. He would have multi millions stashed in Switzerland or Israel.
    Traitors get paid handsomely.

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