Trump Doubles Down on Claim that Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS

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The FACT is that Obama and Hillary’s State Department DID start ISIS in order to overthrow Assad in Syria.

Politico is a far left website that’s spinning Trump’s truth telling as evidence that he’s insane or whatever. Actually, as I was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio an hour ago, a woman doctor claimed that Trump has Alzheimers and other mental illnesses.

The smear job never stops.


Donald Trump on Thursday escalated his attack on President Barack Obama, doubling down on his accusation that he’s a founder of the Islamic State and claiming that both Obama and Hillary Clinton remain the terrorist group’s most valuable players.

The inflammatory accusation comes as Trump has set off another round of hand-wringing within the Republican Party, returning to his freewheeling ways after the GOP convention with overtures for Russia to hack Clinton’s emails, attacks on the Muslim-American family of a fallen war hero, and a suggestion that “Second Amendment people” are the only ones who can stop Clinton.

You can read Trump’s words. He never said that Russia should hack Hillary’s emails. He said that if the Russians have those emails they should release them. It was a common sense offhand comment, not a major policy pronouncement.

The left proves every day what liars and distorters of people’s statements they are, all the while ignoring the real stories involving their fair-haired girl Hillary.

On Thursday, Trump showed no signs of backing down or reining it in.

After first leveling the terror-related accusation against Obama and Clinton at a Wednesday night rally, Trump made the claim three more times on Thursday — all before noon.

“Our government isn’t giving us good protection. Our government has unleashed ISIS,” he said as he addressed the National Association of Home Builders in Miami. “I call President Obama and Hillary Clinton the founders of ISIS. They’re the founders. In fact, I think we’ll give Hillary Clinton the — you know, if you’re on a sports team, most valuable player, MVP, you get the MVP award — ISIS will hand her the most valuable player award. Her only competition is Barack Obama.”

His remarks echoed his sentiments earlier Thursday during a phone interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” during which he also named Obama the MVP of ISIS.

“He gets the most valuable player award. Him and Hillary, she gets it too. I gave her co-founder if you really looked at this speech,” Trump said. “But he and Hillary get the most valuable player award having to do with Iraq, and having to do with the ISIS situation, or as he would call it, ISIL. He calls it ISIL because nobody else does and he probably wants to bother people by using another term, whether it’s more accurate or not.”

Trump keeps telling politically incorrect truths. The left and the traitor conservative Republicans who are supporting Hillary offer none of the truth.

Liberal rag Newsweek

And several former Obama administration officials agree; they say the U.S. should have backed moderate Syrian rebels at the beginning of the war, when ISIS and other Islamist groups were weak. “The ISIS that we know today is a product of Syria,” says [James]
Jeffrey. “And that’s Obama’s fault.”

James Jeffrey was Obama’s ambassador to Iraq. Pretty damning testimony against Obama. Thus, don’t expect to see him on CNN.


On 16 May 2010, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was appointed the new leader of the Islamic State of Iraq.[110][111] Al-Baghdadi replenished the group’s leadership, many of whom had been killed or captured, by appointing former Ba’athist military and intelligence officers who had served during Saddam Hussein’s rule.[112][113] These men, nearly all of whom had spent time imprisoned by the US military at Camp Bucca, came to make up about one third of Baghdadi’s top 25 commanders, including Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, Abu Ayman al-Iraqi, and Abu Muslim al-Turkmani. One of them, a former colonel called Samir al-Khlifawi, also known as Haji Bakr, became the overall military commander in charge of overseeing the group’s operations.[114][115] Al-Khlifawi was instrumental in doing the ground work that led to the growth of ISIL.

So, the leaders of ISIS were at one time being held in American prisons? Who released them? I assume it was Obama, although that’s something the MSM should investigate.

Finally, the leftist Guardian published a story in 2014 noting that ISIS started in 2011 due to American incompetence and America’s desire to rule over Syria. Who was president in 2011? One Barack Hussein Obama.

Trump has a strong case. However, the media is in full scale attack mode. Which is why smart people get their news from alternative media, read, and decide for themselves.


6 thoughts on “Trump Doubles Down on Claim that Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS

  1. Trump is telling the truth. Liars often win in real life, but in a court of law the jury of 12 citizens usually know who is telling the truth. Let us hope the US voters are about as smart as an average jury. The USA and Israel created ISIS.

    I saw some MSM recently and a lot of ballyhoo about this: “attacks on the Muslim-American family of a fallen war hero”. What a lie. This Democrat voting towel head family of a victim of the US War for Terror led by George Bush, spoke at the DNC to support the election of Killary the war monger. They vociferously blamed and attacked Trump for their sons death. Trump was, like only a very few important people at the time, always against the war. Blaming Trump for attacking this dead soldiers family is absurd, they attacked him. The Muslim “hero” would be alive today if Trump had been listened to before the sneak US attack on an innocent country was initiated. This day of Infamy is a greater crime the the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which was provoked intentionally by US actions such as an oil embargo on Japan. Iraq did nothing to provoke the USA except being a spoken enemy of Israel and having a huge amount of oil available for a big bully nation to steal.
    When will the Nuremburg style prosecutions being for the aggressive attack by the US against Iraq? Hint – never. US does not recognize International Courts for US citizens, in the same way that the Mafia do not respect courts wherever they operate.

    “And several former Obama administration officials agree; they say the U.S. should have backed moderate Syrian rebels at the beginning of the war, when ISIS and other Islamist groups were weak.” Hang on, how about backing the legitimate legal Govt for a change, why are rebels and civil wars always good from the US point of view? Arms sales maybe? I only wish that certain foreign countries would do to the USA what the USA has done to them, or still plans to – assassinate leaders, destroy the police and the military, let loose tribal warfare and unlimited crime, with millions of displaced persons on the march. This is the US led New World Disorder. Who benefits?

    • Trump repeated his assertion at least five times on Thursday. He’s getting beat up again in the media-liar, unstable, nut case, demented, crazy, insane, etc. He’s telling the truth like no one in my lifetime.

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