Speculation Mounts that Germany is Bringing in “Refugees” (Parasites) on ‘secret flights’ at Night

migrant merket airport

German authorities have a poor track record of telling the truth about the so-called refugees that Angela Merkel loves more than the German people.

Thus, the government denials related to these parasitical criminals is not to be believed.


Speculation has been rife that the country is ushering in thousands of migrants via Cologne Bonn Airport, fuelled by the fact every night numerous planes from Turkey are landing.

Led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European country has agreed to take in 28,600 migrants under various agreements.

Of this figure, 27,000 – out of 160,000 – will arrive in the country from Italy and Greece.

In a second agreement between Turkey and EU, 18,000 migrants from Syria will be distributed across the continent, with Germany’s share of the total standing at 1,600.

Under this arrangement only 294 migrants have entered the country, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

They maintained there had only been two charter flights, and none at night.

A spokesman for the airport was forced to deny the claims after rumours reached fever pitch.

They refuted the accusations, adding all flights were normal tourist planes.

They said: “Currently, there are speculations circulating online about alleged secret night flights from Turkey to the Cologne / Bonn Airport, that bring refugees to Germany. These claims are not true.

The burden of proof is on (((globalist))) New World Order governments. Ample proof has been offered by the alternative media in America that the Obama government has been lying about the number of migrants crossing the southern border.

Germany’s cover up of the New Year’s eve sexual assault scandal in Cologne and throughout Germany suggest that government is lying too.

angela merkel with jew

Every Muslim moved from the Middle East to Germany hurts Germany and benefits Israel. Jewish revenge for the six million? It makes sense.

6 thoughts on “Speculation Mounts that Germany is Bringing in “Refugees” (Parasites) on ‘secret flights’ at Night

  1. There was no six million and the stinking jews know it. This is part of their agenda to exterminate the White Race. Soon, using mud race immigration won’t be enough. We need to mobilize and get ready now.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen. Which is why i think the government should be completely transparent. A lot of corruption and other shit would be so obvious if the govt didn’t try it’s best to hide where it’s citizens’ money is going.

    And yeah anyone with a bit of critical thinking can see that the holocaust is a hoax. Other than, where are all the 6 million bodies, how come the population of jews didn’t take a large hit at all before and after ww2? It’s pretty obvious but oh well.

    • My understanding is that no one has ever found ashes or other remains for six million Jews. So where did the remains go. Even after a body is burned there are ashes and bone fragments. Why would Germany have used all that scarce energy to cremate that many bodies? The whole story makes no sense.

      • Pretty much. Not to mention all the unnecessary logistics that they are doing. Why move people hundreds or thousands of miles away and keep them fed and stuff for days only to then has them and use valuable resources to burn them?

        If they really wanted to kill them, a huge hole in the ground and a bullet to the head would have been enough, just like all the other times in history when someone really wanted to kill people from other cultures or cities (if i’m not mistaken, just like stalin did as well).

      • And just like the Bolshevik jews did in 1918. The best way to genocide a population is to starve them to death,which they did in Russia and China.

        I’ve said it before, all they have to do here is cut off our utilities and stop the food trucks from delivering to the stores. We’d be on our knees in 3 days. We’d better wake up and get ready.

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