New Zealand Refuses to Deport Hindu Child Rapist Because Life in India “too hard”

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The girl a Hindu migrant to New Zealand raped appears to be another Hindu, age 14. The immigration authorities have decided that deportation to India would be too hard on him.

An Indian man who was jailed for raping a 14-year-old girl will not be deported because life in his home country would be too hard.

The man appealed to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal that his deportation would be devastating, after being told he would be kicked out of New Zealand after completing his prison sentence.

In 2003 he arrived in New Zealand with his mother and siblings at the age of nine.

The tribunal’s decision says that shortly after the family was granted residence, when the man was 14, he raped a girl in an area of bush behind their local temple.

he man’s mother and the girl’s father agreed not to report the matter to police as long as the rapist left for India immediately and never returned.

After arriving back in his birth country the man lived with an uncle, the tribunal decision said. The man’s name was not given by the tribunal.

But the house was crowded and he was soon kicked out, dependent on his mother to provide money for food and accommodation while he struggled with the heat and food poisoning.

Not being able to read or write Punjabi he could not find work and nine months later he came back to New Zealand.

The victim’s family found out and reported the matter to police, the tribunal decision said.

In 2013 he was found guilty of rape and sentenced to three-and-a-half years’ jail.

He was released on parole a little more than a year later, describing his experience in prison as “frightening”.

After his release he continued a relationship he had started with a Fijian Indian woman in 2012, who had suffered a miscarriage only weeks after the man went to prison.

In his evidence the man said he had proposed to the woman, a New Zealand citizen, but if he was deported she would not follow him as she had never been to India.

Since his release he had enrolled in a building course and hoped to go into the property development business.

But if he was sent back to India his life would be “ruined” and even more difficult as he no longer had the support of his extended family in the country following his conviction.

And so New Zealand allows this filty criminal scum to remain in the country, polluting sacred lands won by the blood, sweat, and tears of the white population.

Shame on those responible for this decision. You have denied justice to the entire population by granting a favor to a dirtbag criminal.

Kiwi Blog offers this look at immigration in New Zealand. My interpretation is that the country is soft on nonwhite immigration, which is already hurting the country. Nonwhites just can’t control their sexual urges or their propensity to criminal acts in general. Hindus bring their country’s rape culture with them wherever they go.

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5 thoughts on “New Zealand Refuses to Deport Hindu Child Rapist Because Life in India “too hard”

  1. “will not be deported because life in his home country would be too hard.”

    I thought that liberals preach the MultiCult Unicorn philosophy that all people are the same? So how could India possibly be any worse than New Zealand? Surely not because 1.3 billion dark skinned scum live there and almost no whites? A shortage of just 500 million toilets?
    In New Zealand it is the reverse with a large number of whites and not so many darkies, though increasing. Lots of free public toilets. People pay their tax etc.
    In the Unicorn future, in theory, a dark skinned New Zealand will be just like the New Zealand of the 1950s, even though whites will be a minority. So say the Jews and the Liberals. They lie, India is coming, and staying, in your country! What is even worse, the Africans will outnumber the Indians!

    Only criminals rights matter, never the victims.

    • I hope New Zealand’s nationalists wake up the country to the dangers posed by the darkies. When they reach critical mass, they go wild. There are only two kinds of people: producers and parasites. The darkies produce a large number of parasites. Just not allowing them to parasite would discourage them from coming to white countries.

      • I agree. In the case of this convicted Indian rapist, his permission to stay in NZ should be on a year by year basis with him working full time and paying tax, or else be deported to the Diverse Dark Paradise of India.
        The West needs black freeloaders like a hole in the head. Foreign criminals, even less.

  2. considering America has the highest rape rate in the world and is a white majority country proves your generalization of the dark races wrong

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