Dutch Riot Over Forced Settlement of Muslims in Their Small Town (Video)

dutch protest video shot

This is an older video, but I don’t believe it’s been posted on this site before. It shows city officials rather surprised at the rioting by angry white Dutch citizens who are protesting the large number of “refugees” in their town. They’re willing to fight for their traditional lifestyle. The violence is actually very inspiring to watch.

Published on Jan 15, 2016

Dutch come in protest against the fact that, against the will of the people and without the participation of the people in the decision to overflooded their country with Muslims migrants
Bron video : Nederlandse publieke Omroep Gelderland

With only 17,000 views, the response of the Dutch deserves wider viewership.

Some youtube comments:

Another town doomed……..fuck political correctness. These immigrants bring nothing but their fucked up religion and contribute nothing to the economy

ehm, the protest, though destructive, had it’s effect, the town didn’t open a refugee center.

Fantastic news. It’s a real shame though that people elected to look after the interests of the people need a riot to get them to see the truth.

Boy. It takes the Dutch a long time to get riled. But here we see the results when people finally come unglued. No kidding. They ain’t taking it anymore. Can’t say I blame them.

That’s how we’ll have to do in USA too, well done.

19 thoughts on “Dutch Riot Over Forced Settlement of Muslims in Their Small Town (Video)

    • makes me proud also, until I wake up and realise the billions of hollowpoint rounds are only for shreding whites that fight back against the satanic tyrrany anf not feral shitskin savages. This was told me by 2 cops in the know who also added that when the day comes they will side with the white resistance, but admitted we stand a 0% change ot prevailing

      • Then they know jack shit

        Insurgencies don’t need to win, they just need to not lose long enough, and hollow points are easily defeated by body armor, or just by not sticking around after you initiate the ambush

      • In a stand up war of attrition vs the state? Yes we’d lose

        But only dumbfucks would go toe to toe with the full industrial military power of a world power

      • You’re exactly right. We’d be slaughtered like dogs. The only way to win is through subversion. I’ve said this many times, they WANT us to revolt so they can get rid of us. We need to get into the halls of power and assassinate the leaders. Cut off the head of the snake and the rest should be easy. Nuking Israhell would be a start.

        If you don’t like this, what do you suggest?

      • Not sure if just killing the head of the snake would be good. Someone else can take it’s place and do it with a vengeace. We just need to remove them all from any position of power and influence over our civilization. And then execute all the traitors who allowed it to happen.

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    • Many cops and military men seem ready to sell their souls for a salary, pension and benefits. No wonder they’re willing to sell their own people out. We have a mercenary military today in the West. Partly this is so because the spoiled populace doesn’t want to be “inconvenienced” with the unpleasantness of defending their nation and people. Just pay somebody else to do it, the same way you pay that illegal to mow the grass. Forget the long-term dangerous consequences of such a policy. In the short -term it makes the average Joe’s life easier. People get really angry if that is said, but it seems to be true. How many would actually be in the service if not for the compensation? Maybe some, but not many. It’s a far cry from past days when entire communities joined up to “fight for their people” and everybody in the nation was involved in a war effort. During the War Between the States, whole counties in the South enlisted. Look at various companies and they’re all from particular areas. They joined for the duration and there were no guaranteed “benefits” but a hell of a lot of sacrifice. Notice that law ENFORCERS and the military today are basically protecting the entrenched invader-enabling, government-corporate system which pays these two enforcement groups for that service. There are exceptions, of course, and perhaps many don’t really realize what they’re doing; maybe they’ve bought into the flag-waving lie, but both groups should get the Ephialtes Thermopylae Award.

  2. Fight for your town and country or lose it.
    The West is already lost in many places.
    The invaders are breeding and the whites are not.

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