Chinese Safari Guide Kills Woman Tourist in Kenya in Spat Over Seating

Kenya wildlife

An ill-tempered Chinaman killed a Chinese woman tourist with his pocket knife when she refused to give up her table in a restaurant.

Hmmm. Reminds me of the behavior of the the African-American.

Looking on the bright side, perhaps some African wildlife will live because of the sour disposition of the safari guide who became enraged when he couldn’t sit at his favorite restaurant table.

New York Times

NAIROBI, Kenya — In the vaulted dining room of the Keekorok Lodge, guests gathered Monday night for a feast overlooking one of the most spectacular vistas in Africa: the game-studded Masai Mara National Reserve.

Suddenly an argument broke out at one of the tables, apparently over who was going to sit where. The authorities said an enraged Chinese safari guide whipped out a pocketknife and sank it into the chest of a Chinese tourist, killing her.

On Wednesday, Kenyan police officials said they were holding the safari guide, whom they identified as Li Changquing, 47, a Chinese citizen who speaks little English but decent Swahili, on suspicion of murder.

“I won’t say we are surprised — we are shocked,” said Abdi Jillo Galgalo, a Kenyan police commander. “This is a place where you go to relax with the family and leave the stress behind. We’ve never heard of anyone even slapping someone out here.”

The Masai Mara reserve is one of Africa’s brightest jewels. It is an undulating sheet of wavy grass and thorn trees covering hundreds of square miles, home to lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, elephants, gazelles, vultures, crocodiles and hippos.

The Kenyan authorities said that Mr. Li also attacked the victim’s husband, who remains hospitalized with stab wounds to his stomach. They said that members of the Keekorok Lodge staff rushed to stop Mr. Li before he could kill him.

The Daily Nation, a Kenyan newspaper, reported that Mr. Li had a favorite table at the lodge and that the argument had started after he asked the couple to sit at a different table and they refused.

Mr. Galgalo said that when he asked Mr. Li why he had attacked the couple, the assailant replied in Swahili, “They insulted me.”

“They insulted me.” That is often the motivation for murder among blacks. But Asians are the model minority. They’re not supposed to be killing people over insults.

It may be that it’s only one small step from killing animals to killing people. Getting a taste of blood may be addicting.

My research shows that while Kenya has the death penalty, it has not been used since 1986. Li may experience a long stay in prison, surrounded by black Africans. He may want to think about killing himself rather than face that fate.

3 thoughts on “Chinese Safari Guide Kills Woman Tourist in Kenya in Spat Over Seating

  1. This is not atypical gook behaviour – you just dont hear about it thru media outlets.
    oh well, one less customer for rhino horn or poached ivory…

  2. These uppity Chinks unwisely and cockily disrespected their guide. He had to kill them to save face.

    This best table is part of the restaurant bribe to the driver for bringing the customers for the meal. Most tours everywhere are rackets involving bribery and corruption and backhanders. For example, bus just randomly happens to stop for no reason at a place selling tourist junk at high prices. Twenty years ago in Sydney I hear from a Jap that Jap tourists were compelled by guides to visit only Japanese owned shops during tours. Those that attempted to wander in to the shops next door (where the same goods were half the price) were loudly shouted at by their guides.
    The wholes Asiatic way of life is based on bullying and submission. Whites in general never grovel before anyone. Asians demand it.
    We whites better get used to kneeling down or even lying prostrate before our new Asiatic masters. Wonder why the Asiatic Jews even now do not insist we grovel on the ground before them, eyes averted. Yes, Master. No, Master.

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