Breaking: American Puppet Poroshenko Puts Ukraine Military on High Alert, Trying to Draw Russia into War

poroshenko jew

Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko is a Jew, doing the bidding of his American and Israeli masters.

Poroshenko seems hell bent on provoking a Russian military response to his mischief, which would then lead to Nato military action against Russia, designed to kill the “new Hitler” Vladimir Putin.

So far, Putin has not taken the bait. Which, unless you’re a fan of World War 3 turning the earth into a burned out orb, is a good thing.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed all military units near Crimea and the eastern Ukrainian Donbass region to be at the highest level of combat readiness.

Poroshenko announced the order after a military meeting on Thursday. It comes after Russia’s security service said Wednesday it had foiled a terrorist attack in Crimea plotted by Kiev.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said it had found a group of infiltrators in Crimea, near the Ukrainian border. The infiltrators were preparing to target Crimea infrastructure, the agency said. Explosive devices and ammunition were also discovered at the scene.

Kiev denied claims that it was behind the terrorist plot, and accused Moscow of provocation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Ukraine has turned to “the practice of terrorism” and “is playing a dangerous game,” calling Kiev’s actions “stupid and criminal.”

Poroshenko’s Jewish roots:

Real Jew News

HIS FATHER’s SURNAME is “Valtzman,” a Jew, yet Petro Poroshenko uses his mother’s maiden name, “Poroshenko,” reportedly also a Jew.

Regardless of Poroshenko’s Jewish background, (or because of it), he is being pushed by all the Jewish-controlled main stream media venues throughout the Jewish-ruled West.

David Duke

CNN has anointed oligarch Petro Poroshenko, whose empire includes a confectionary business, Ukraine’s new president after Poroshenko claimed 56% of the vote in Sunday’s election. The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper has indicated that Poroshenko is at least half Jewish, and it now seems that Ukraine will get a Jewish president to go along with the its Jewish prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

5 thoughts on “Breaking: American Puppet Poroshenko Puts Ukraine Military on High Alert, Trying to Draw Russia into War

    • Mindweapons in Ragnorok used to say that they’re breeding themselves out of existence via intermarriage. Look at Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife and baby.

      Interestingly, this story has gained no traction in the news today. (((They))) don’t want us to know how the Jewish regime in Ukraine is provoking trouble.

  1. Ukraine is a shithole and a country deteriorating year by year, not getting better as the media says. There is a crime wave in Ukraine ever since the war began. Millions of displaced citizens from the Donbass Region have moved elsewhere along with many criminals.
    Ukraine is White Africa.
    The Holodomir and other mass murder by Lenin and Stalin wiped out almost all the Aristocratic, the intelligent, the kind hearted and the educated. You end up with sneaky piles of garbage who are ruthless liars and cunning. In Ukraine good people are poor and bad, stupid people are very rich.
    In Ukraine pensioners grow vegetables not for fun but so they will not starve. Their pension is less than US$50 per month. Compare that with what blacks and Muslims get for running to Europe. Ukrainians from their war zone are not allowed to run to Europe as refugees, they will be deported because their skin is the wrong colour – “sorry no white people wanted in Germany”.
    Communism intentionally killed the best and elevated the worst, criminals, to Government. Cambodia is the supreme example of this and the demographics can never recover in Cambodia, or Ukraine.
    The best, youthful and most educated Ukrainians continue to leave, more than one million Ukrainians live in Canada alone. Millions of others work in various countries without which money sent home, Ukraine would really go down to the tubes. The business of the Government is theft by individuals of public assets.
    National politicians are all multi millionaires without exception.
    Not to say Russia is better demographically for the same reasons and the same for all the other FSU Communist countries.

    • It’s hard for Americans to understand how fuxated it is. I hope foolish Americans don’t allow us to be dragged into World War 3 over the neocons hatred of Russia and Putin. One of my favorites, Paul Craig Roberts writes about this frequently. I periodically post his thoughts here.

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