Rio Olympics Journalist’s Official Bus Hit by Gunfire, Two Hurt

rio olympics bus

Liberal journalists, who lie to us about the enrichment that diversity brings to our lives, had a close encounter with diversity Tuesday in Rio.

Two persons suffered minor injuries. In some ways it’s unfortunate that a large number of journalists weren’t killed. That would be kharmic justice of a sort.

Coming on the heels of news that the Olympic Games security chief was mugged (scroll down the homepage to see the story), the truth about the violence, the incompetence, and the chaos that mark life in Brazil is coming out.

And this is what the (((globalists and their media lackeys))) demand that the U.S. become.

A bus carrying journalists covering the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro was reportedly fired upon on Tuesday. A volunteer and a journalist received minor injuries, and the local authorities are investigating alleged attack.

“We were shot at. I mean we could hear the report of the gun,” said Sherryl “Lee” Michaelson, a retired US air force captain who is presently working for a basketball publication in Rio, told Reuters.

The bus was returning to the main Olympic park from the basketball center when the passengers say it came under fire.

A spokesman for Rio’s organizing committee, Mario Andrada, said forensic investigators are looking into the matter and trying to determine whether a bullet or a rock was responsible for breaking the bus window.

“We haven’t yet been able to confirm what kind of projectile hit the bus,” he said, adding that the incident occurred in the Curicaca neighborhood, just a few kilometers north of the Olympic Park. “We don’t want to speculate.”

Don’t want to speculate? I will: Dindus.

3 thoughts on “Rio Olympics Journalist’s Official Bus Hit by Gunfire, Two Hurt

  1. The dindus REALLY need to take lessons from our gold medalist shooter from WV. Make every bullet count.

    Imagine the thought process in the minds of the “journalists”: “But we’re the ones who help the attackers by shaming everyone for not embracing their diversity and by getting their message (whatever the hell it is) out!”

  2. Brazil is a country that has around 50,000 homicides per year. It is country known to be riddled with corruption. There is a huge gap between rich and poor people. Their main cities are surrounded by impoverished slums (favelas) that are often ruled by violent gangs and are no-go zones for police. Car jacking, home invasion, violent assault and robbery are occurrences that Brazilians live with as a fact of daily life. Wealthier Brazilians live behind high walls and barred windows. Armed guards and attack dogs are not uncommon in wealthier neighbourhoods in Brazilian cities.

    Only a supreme moron would decide to award such a third world shit hole the privilege to host the largest, international sporting event. In the case of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) it was obviously a group of morons. I would like to know who were the OIC delegates who voted in support of Rio? I would not be surprised if they were delegates from African, Latin American and Asian countries where corruption is so common place that they think you are an idiot if you don’t take a bribe. What gifts were passed under the table to these delegates by the Brazilians? There is no doubt that the IOC is just as corrupt as we know FIFA to be.

    Tokyo and Madrid would have been much better options for the 2016 Olympics. Even Chicago with its plague of violent Negro crime would have been a better and safer city to host these Olympics. I’ve never been to Chicago but my experience with Americans is that they are generally friendly and trustworthy and know how to run a city. Secondly nobody provides law enforcement and security like the Americans do. American security could shut down the Olympic Village tighter than a nun’s cunt.

    Compare that with what recently happened at the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro. A fire broke out in the building housing the Australian Olympic Team. Smoke started to fill the building but the fire alarms did not work; probably because they had been installed by a corrupt Brazilian building contractor who took the money and then subcontracted the work to underpaid workers who could not be bothered doing the job properly. As smoke started to fill the stairs it was noticed by members of the team’s medical staff who raised the alarm. The building was evacuated and the fire department arrived and went in the deal with the fire.

    Once the all clear was given the Australian athletes and officials returned to their rooms to discover that their personal belongings had been riffled through. Laptops were missing and also some official Australian team shirts had been stolen. These were long sleeved tee shirts that were specially designed to protect athletes from the Zika virus while in Brazil. Because of insufficient CCTV coverage there is no footage of the thieves walking out with the stolen property. It was later found that the fire had been started by Brazilian workers who were trying to fix some of the many problems caused by poor construction of the Olympic Village. The workers had decided to take a smoke break in the basement of the Australian building and due to their laziness and complacency they threw their cigarette butts into a pile of building debris that had been left in the basement. Needless to say the average IQ of Brazil is 87 which puts them in the same rank as Iraq and Uzbekistan.

    The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games will always be remembered as the violent, dangerous and corrupt olympics. If robbery and assault were olympic sports then it would be gold, gold, gold for Brazil!

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