News Media Goes Full Retard with Anti-Trump Nonsense

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A few days ago I counted nine anti-Trump stories on one mainstream news site. I didn’t read the stories, but from the titles it was clear that they were a case of manufactured news, conjured up out of the mental illness of the minds of liberals.

Today, on one of the comments boards, someone asked why when you go to Google News is the lead story always an anti-Trump story. This answer to the question is pretty good, I think.


Once you start looking at it from a higher level it appears they have a single objective to sway everyone to the side of Hillary, or at the very least a hand-picked republican leader. The latter has failed at this point. Here are some interesting points.

Most of the news organizations are pushing the same narrative.

They don’t hold the two candidates to the same standard, one is strongly favored.

They don’t talk about the major issues with Hillary it’s always Trump.

They silence / ban those that defend Trump. You can see this in action such as Google hiding results, ABC cutting away from Trump feeds when he says something they don’t like, CNN admitting that they are pro-Hillary, news sites forming their own polls with more democrats polled than republicans.

The leaked DNC emails show a lot of backroom deals with major news networks and the DNC controlling some of the narrative, even going so far as to have some news agencies verify stories with DNC prior to posting

Relationships between executives at the networks / news agencies and Hillary / family.

Everyone is saying the same thing. In lock step and completely ignoring the other side. It’s an agenda. Google meets regularly with the Whitehouse.

The agencies know who they want for a president and they are no longer concerned with providing facts. They want to provide a narrative, and if they say it enough times people will believe it.

Even if you don’t agree with Trump or care for him, it’s rather odd that everyone is rooting for someone who has caused so many criminal acts. No one with a record like hers should be president, yet they are pushing her as our savior.

Watch how one of the worst “journalists” on TV, Don Lemon, argues with a former Secret Service man who disagrees with the media blitz claiming that Trump sent a message to his followers to assassinate Hillary Clinton.

David Gergen, the “Republican” (RINO) on the left of the split screen, is a real New World Order guy. Nothing he says should be taken as gospel. Trump, in one of his Tweets below, says Don Lemon is “dumb as a rock.” That alone should be reason enought to vote for the Donald.

The message to take away from this post is to seek news and analysis from the alternative media on the Internet.

3 thoughts on “News Media Goes Full Retard with Anti-Trump Nonsense

  1. It all makes sense when you know who is controlling the media, and why. It all boils down to annihilation of Whites so Communists can take control of the country.

    Donald Trump, Jr. says it here.

    “I am sick and tired of the biased, liberal media LYING about my father.

    You know everything the media says about my is ALL lies and spin – and they are all objectively FALSE. Yet the liberal media are pushing this narrative 24 hours a day!

    They are DESPERATE to stop the Trump movement.

    But the depth of their bias and dishonesty now is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. It has been a constant barrage.”


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