Mugged and Thugged! Third-World Mixed-Race Brazil Can’t Protect Olympic Security Chief from Holdup Man

rio olympics2

Holding the Olympic Games in a mixed-race country, filled with a population that is part black, part Indian, and all corrupt, was a huge mistake.

This tribute to political correctness is blowing up in the faces of the (((globalists))) who didn’t intend for this much chaos to be on display.

The Rio 2016 Olympic games have been rocked by more trouble after it emerged the Olympic security chief had been attacked after he left the opening ceremony.

The Olympics security chief was attacked as he left the Games opening ceremony by a knife-wielding robber who was shot dead by a cop.

Felipe Seixas was walking to his car near the Maracanã Stadium early on Saturday when he was set upon by four men brandishing knives.

A policeman with him shot one of the assailants dead and the others fled.

Authorities have attempted to hush up details of the shooting, which is a monumental embarrassment to crime-plagued Rio 2016 bosses.

The security chief himself became a mugging target after committing 10,000 security forces to protect the extravaganza.

The myth that mixed race populations can produce safe, stable, prosperous countries is exposed by th Rio Olympics. That’s more important than anything that happens on the playing fields.

One thought on “Mugged and Thugged! Third-World Mixed-Race Brazil Can’t Protect Olympic Security Chief from Holdup Man

  1. Maybe a bit off-topic, but 2020 games will be in Japan. Not being a 3rd world shithole with enough “vibrant diversity” and “multi-culturalism” it “needs a little push”.

    I have already noticed quite a few articles that either criticize Japan for failure to promote diversity or show Japan’s compromises for the coming 2020 olympics.

    It’s sad that olympics now is just another globalist tool.

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