Heartwarming! White Man Seeks to be Reunited with Stray Dog Who Followed Him Across Mongolia’s Gobi Desert Foot Race

Ultra-marathon-runner-Dion-Leonard gobi

Gobi the little dog had the right gut feeling when she decided to follow Dion Leonard as he ran the grueling Gobi desert race.

This is my feel good story for today. Enjoy.


Dion Leonard has launched a desperate fight to be reunited with the pup who kept him going through the gruelling Gobi ultra-marathon

Skipping happily across the desert alongside ultra-marathon competitor Dion Leonard, Gobi the stray dog makes the ideal running mate.

Now Dion, 41, is fighting to be reunited with the loyal pal that helped him finish the gruelling seven-day event in an impressive second place.

Runner Dion was one of 101 people taking part in the 250km race across China’s Gobi desert this year, carrying all their own supplies except water and tents.

The pup appeared as racers set off over the Tian Shan Mountains in north west China last month for the 155-mile Gobi March, part of the 4 Deserts race series, in temperatures up to 52C.

At first she seemed content to be part of the crowd – but by the second day she had latched on to Dion.

He said: “Once in camp she laid down next to me and from then on didn’t leave my side.”

Ultra-marathon-runner-Dion-Leonard and gobi running

Gopi had to travel in a support car for two of the race’s six legs after getting ill in the searing heat after the third stage.

But she was soon back on her paws and ran over 62 miles alongside Dion to the finish in the Black Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Ultra-marathon-runner-Dion-Leonard gobi close

Dion was impressed. “She’s a fast dog,” he said. Now she is being cared for race chiefs in China as Dion tries to raise £5,000 to pay for medical care, quarantine and transport to bring her home to Edinburgh.

Mary Gadams, who founded the company behind the 4 Desert races, said: “Gobi really became the race’s mascot – she embodied the same fighting spirit as the competitors.”

The page to help unite the pair can be found at Bring Gobi Home.

I checked the crowdfunder website. There’s more than enough pledged donations to get Gobi back together with her human.

9 thoughts on “Heartwarming! White Man Seeks to be Reunited with Stray Dog Who Followed Him Across Mongolia’s Gobi Desert Foot Race

  1. Gobi rocks. Glad she’ll be going with her new friend. She looks like a mix of a couple terrier breed. She’s got heart and she’s a champ! She’d have fun in racing and agility. Go, Gobi!

    Cool story. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this story. I need to hear good news once in a while so as not to be completely overwhelmed by all the negative sh*t. Dogs are the best.

  3. Man do I love dogs. One of the great blessings

    While in the korea, I got drunk and liberated a nearby dog farm
    One of the freeddogs took up full time residence on our camp and would go after any korean who got to close

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