Somali Gang Beats Young White Boy in Denmark While Recording the Assault

Brian Anker

Go to the end of this post to watch the video of the feral savages ganging up and beating a 13-year-old white boy.

The lad’s father’s response is pretty weak but apparently in Denmark political correctness forbids a family from calling in the police when Dindus commit crimes. via Google translate

Brian Anker was Thursday night a shock.

Here he saw for the first time a video clip where his 13-year-old son got beat six-eight other boys.

The incident happened Friday, July 29, where Brian Anker gave his son permission to take down to the railway station in Fredericia to be with some friends and acquaintances.

But it soon developed into anything but Friday cosiness.

Brian’s son was allegedly completely unprovoked assault by a group of acquaintances from school. And now Brian Anker had enough.

– At first I went to even the boys in the house where normally Friday prayers, and here I demanded an apology for my boy. It was I, but six days after I came into possession of a video in which the assault was filmed, says Brian Anker to Ekstra Bladet.

And then it became too much for Brian Anker.

– It hurt my heart to see my own boy being beaten in that way. Therefore I decided to go to the police. I had simply had enough. It can not be true that you can not even send your kid out and ‘play’ on a Friday night without anything of that kind, says Brian Anker.

Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with the duty officer at South East Jutland Police, confirming that they have received a notification.

– I can confirm that we have received a notification of a domestic violence incident in which 6-8 boys have attacked a young boy. We are right now in the process of investigating, says vagtchef Martin Rasmussen to Ekstra Bladet.

The case is handed over to the local police in Fredericia, but they keep the weekend closed, so it has not been possible to get a more detailed comment.

According to Brian Anker went his boy out of the city around at 19 o’clock on Friday night, but a few hours later he received a call from his ex-wife.

– I suddenly received a call from my ex-wife, who says he has been attacked by 6-8 Somalis. I go fetch him, and I can immediately see that he has been crying, says Brian Anker.

Tried to escape
Brian’s son has subsequently had neck pain and received several bruises, but fortunately nothing happened seriously. He is still affected.

– He is a strong boy, but it has obviously been a tough game, says Brian Anker to Ekstra Bladet.

According to Brian Anker could his son even good sense that something was wrong, and he therefore tried to drive home to his father. But the perpetrators have reportedly caught up with him, after which they attacked.

The article continues below the picture

Brian Anker had initially planned to accept assault the men’s excuse. Then he hoped that it would stop, but later he saw the video.

– Then I thought: This we must not therefore find ourselves in. Our children should be able to walk safely around on the street. Therefore, I have chosen to tell the police, as I have shared it on Facebook. We must have seen a stop to this, says Brian Anker to Ekstra Bladet.

Brian Anker emphasizes that it has nothing to do with the young boys nationality. The video is soon been shared on Facebook 20,000 times.

Sorry, Mr. Anker, but nationality has everything to do with it. Naggers everywhere travel in packs preying on the isolated individual who lacks the size or strength to fight back effectively.

Your boy is lucky to be alive. Naggers are the same everywhere. They often kill just for the temporary thrill of it.

Make sure they are deported. Sue their families into bankruptcy first.

But most of all, sir, wake up to racial reality.

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10 thoughts on “Somali Gang Beats Young White Boy in Denmark While Recording the Assault

  1. Enduring watching that video clip, like countless other dindu nigger savagery brings to mind packs of feral rabid dogs attacking a puppy or kitten. My town has been flooded with Somalis….UGH! and now one of my Jew England neighbors, Maine has entire towns that are almost all Somali and I’ve been told it’s not safe to walk around in some of these towns if you are white

  2. I think there were some arabs there too not only niggs. And yeah they gang up on his son to attack him, for no reason, obviously it has nothing to do with race at all… This behavior is all too common with these “diversity” representatives.

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