Frail, Feeble, Diseased, Psychotic: Latest Confused Hillary Video


Pray for Hillary’s victims. Pray for yourself if her inner demons give her the strength to carry on and destroy the world.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch Hillary’s latest blackout, which was at the top of the Drudge Report tonight.

To a decent, sane people, her medical issues would be of secondary importance to the criminal activities this vile creature has undertaken ALL of her adult life.

For example, Hillary Clinton’s ever-growing list of high crimes are reported every single day. Hillary Clinton is a murderous, lying, cheating, larcenous, traitorous psychopath. Therefore, how can the question possibly be whether or not Hillary Clinton should be President of the (former) United States? What in the hell is the matter with you people, at long last? Can you not see the glaring insanity of the very premise?

I’ll tell you right now what the real question is, and when this question starts being asked publicly, then I will sit up and pay attention, and dare to hope again: The question is whether or not, after arrest, a speedy trial and conviction of crimes against humanity, Hillary Clinton should be offered the sacraments and then be hanged, or put against a wall and shot. The answer, of course, is that she should be put against a wall and shot, and then her body should be hanged on public display so that any other aspiring psychopath oligarchs can see how a just, Christian society deals with their ilk. Sadly, this would first require the organization and declaration of of a replacement government, which simply is not going to happen due to the aforementioned effeminacy and pathological indifference of the populace. Removal – and by removal I mean execution – of the existing psychopathic political class outside of an organized, legitimate replacement government would be anarchy and would result in the advent of an even worse tyranny than what we have now. And since justice demands these people be executed, and their unquenchable malignancy can only be stopped by execution, post-modern, post-Christian culture finds itself utterly incapable of even the slightest self-correction.

Watch! Hillary has that deer in the headlights look.

3 thoughts on “Frail, Feeble, Diseased, Psychotic: Latest Confused Hillary Video

  1. Unfortunately for us, Clinton is one of their own. Washington oligarchs hold the people in contempt while believing in their own elite superiority. To punish her would be to admit they are not as lofty nor anointed as they present themselves. There must be no weak place in the armor. The political class does not admit fault, recognizes no wrong and closes rank to shield itself. They obscure accusations and dilute truth until it can not be defined because to do otherwise is to surrender power and power is their exclusive property. She may well be an embarrassment but she will never be ejected.

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