“Allahu Akbar:” Young Muslim Girl Beheads Doll in Propaganda Video

beheading doll2

If Zionist Jews are paying Muslims (do we even know that the little girl in the photo is a Muslim and not a Jew?) to slander Muslims, they got their money’s worth with this story.

The images (more at the source) are disgusting. They certainly would in the minds of the sheeple justify more war in the Middle East when combined with a terrorist attack here and there.

Daily Mail

An ISIS supporter has posted a sickening video online showing a young girl singing a disturbing song about destroying the enemies of the terror group before she beheads a doll.

The youngster, who wears a black niqab, appears in the footage brandishing a large knife in front of the camera.

She then begins to sing a song in Arabic in her high-pitched voice, where she warns ‘my sword has been sharpened and I will destroy you.’

The little girl then continues to sing the haunting tune before grabbing hold of the doll and lying it on the floor.

She then proceeds to hack at the toy with her knife until its head has been chopped off, before she proudly shows it to the camera and drops it on the floor.

The little girl shouts: ‘We marched through the night to cut and behead.’

beheading doll

There are many reasons to ban Muslims from the West without propaganda like this being created by Zionists (if it’s not real). There is NO real reason for endless war in the Middle East.

Let’s think rationally. Let’s recognize that Muslims cannot and will not assimilate into the Western way of life. Let’s ban them, but let’s let them live however they wish, while saving the lives of men (and women) of European descent. Let’s let Israel fight her own wars.

3 thoughts on ““Allahu Akbar:” Young Muslim Girl Beheads Doll in Propaganda Video

    • I saw the word “rapture” in one of the articles on your site. George W. Bush, a Zionist Christian, was implicitly trying to move Bible prophecy along to create the end times and make the rapture happen. Too much cocaine and alcohol may be behind his belief system. Sadly, my grandmother was hoping she’d be raptured before she died, but it didn’t happen. She was into the “Jews are God’s chosen ones” stuff.

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