Smear Job! Pro-White German Parliament Member Called “Anti-Semitic” by Jewish Publication


Zionists really would like to see Germany arrest and imprison Dr. Gedeon. Thus, we have this smear job that conflates the racial survival of Euro man with the desire to murder another six million Jews.

Excerpt from Tablet Mag

In late May and early June, public attention in Germany was focused on an elected AfD member of Parliament in Baden-Württemberg, Wolfgang Gedeon, a retired doctor and author who in 2012 published a pamphlet titled The Green Communism and the Dictatorship of Minorities. A Critique of the Western Zeitgeist. In that work, Gedeon argued against the “Judaization of Christianity” and the “Zionization of Western politics.” In particular, he took aim at the United States, whose foreign policy is run by Zionists. He also argued for “family values” while protesting against “ethno-suicide,” “the cult of being gay,” and the “holocaust of abortion.” Among Gedeon’s heroes is the imprisoned Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi Horst Mahler, whom Gedeon calls a “dissident” fighting for a true German “national identity.” He mocks the Holocaust as a “civil religion,” an anti-Semitic term well-known not just from neo-Nazis, but also from anti-Zionist scholars.

Gedeon opposes “feminism,” “sexualism,” and “migrationism” as core elements of what he calls “green communism.” He is against communism because he rejects a “secular religion of humanity,” deriving from socialist or communist ideology, starting with “Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.” He is against “humanism” and “egalitarianism,” and this is indeed a core element of all New Right and Far Right ideologues, whether in the AfD in Germany, the FPÖ in Austria, the Jobbik or Fidesz in Hungary, the national conservatives in Poland, the Sweden Democrats, the Front National (FN) in France, the Lega Nord in Italy.

For Gedeon, four elements of “green communism” constitute a threat:

1) The end of “the family” and the development of shared or collective forms of living (in German, Wohngemeinschaften, in which several people share an apartment)

2) What he calls “the abolition of races,” which he explains is coming about “by supporting of a universal mixture of races, aiming at a world hybrid race”

3) “The liquidation of states and nations”

4) The “defeat of Christianity” by “secular state religion.”

Gedeon ends his anti-Semitic pamphlet by framing WWII as a “victory” for the United States (of course, it was) and “total defeat of Germany.” He is sad about the defeat for Germany and mocks the Nuremberg Trials. He trivializes the Shoah by equating the Soviet Gulag or Hiroshima with Auschwitz.

Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany. For Gedeon, this is a result of policies by a “Zionist minority.” Similarly, immigration and antiracism are the result of Zionist—read: Jewish—conspiracy to undermine national identity—a classical anti-Semitic trope.

Green Communism has been displayed in recent years at AfD party conventions and no one had any problem with that, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has reported.

In June, head of the AfD fraction in the Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, Jörg Meuthen, previously a supporter of Gedeon, dismissed him and was joined by several other MPs. Gedeon left the fraction due to power games between Frauke Petry and Meuthen. The extreme-right-wing ideology of the AfD and Gedeon and his former allies did not change, though.

The reluctance of many German, French, or American anti-Islamist activists to frame parties like the AfD as right-wing-extremist, anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-feminist, and anti-Islamic is also striking—and increasingly disturbing. Some anti-Islamist authors in the U.K. or America, even praise and promote the founder and leader of PEGIDA (“Patriots against the Islamization of the Occident”), Lutz Bachmann, who once posed with a Hitler haircut on social media. In an interview with Bachmann by Raheem Kassam, Shillman-Ginsburg fellow at the Middle East Forum and editor-in-chief of Breitbart London, Bachmann agitates against circumcision. According to media reports, Bachmann called refugees and immigrants “animals” (“Viehzeug”). Currently, Bachmann faces a court trial in Dresden for racist agitation.

When you can’t refute their ideas, you put them on trial in Germany.

Coming soon to America.


6 thoughts on “Smear Job! Pro-White German Parliament Member Called “Anti-Semitic” by Jewish Publication

  1. This German gentleman is right on all counts except who won WW2. The USA didn’t win. Our Zionist handlers did. The American people didn’t want to go into either World War. The whole thing was a part of the elites’ carefully crafted long-term scheme to destroy the West, consolidate their power and, of course, make a profit. I’ve heard many say the Protocols aren’t true. Maybe not, but as numbers of people have pointed out, they’re all coming true.

      • I’m praying God will stop this wicked woman. That’s what Farrakhan called her-a wicked, wicked woman. Who could ever forget her cackling over Gaddafi’s death? Or her callous response to the Benghazi situation? This female makes the Biblical Jezebel look fairly tame. (It must be an end times sign when I’m agreeing with Farrakhan.) I’ve got a really good feeling about all this because frankly Trump’s getting this far is a literal miracle and God must have been with him up to now. (Here’s hoping that that Mark Taylor prophecy from 2011 is true). The man who “had no chance” is now scaring the establishment to death. Watching those who are bent on destroying the Western world and my Southern region in particular literally gnashing their teeth in terror over a possible Trump victory is delightful fun. May the Satanic Elite and the demonic Left devour themselves completely. Now, that’s entertainment.

      • I’ve been researching Biblical prophecy and Trump for the last week or two. I just put up a post on that subject tonight. Take a look at it. It’s not my area of expertise, but it’s resonable to suppose that if God does not want America Muslified, then he’s moving things Trump’s way.

  2. what Anon said above is correct; everything else this fine German patriot said is accurate, hence he will be imprisoned and probably ‘commit suicide’ while being illegally detained.

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