83 Year Old White Woman Brutally Beaten, Set on Fire by Gang of Home Invaders


There’s very little that can be said other than that this horiffic crime must surely be the act of conscienceless savages.


An 83-year-old woman was brutally beaten and set on fire by people who broke into her Meriwether County home overnight, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Three men and a woman demanded money from Dorothy Dow after they entered her house in the 7000 block of Forest Road in Grantville, Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith told Channel 2. The break-in occurred between 11 p.m. and midnight.

“She pleaded with them that she did not have any money,” Smith said.

However, the attackers broke both of Dow’s arms and left cuts and bruises on her face. The people also poured a flammable liquid on the victim and lit it, Smith said.

“I can’t believe that somebody would set a grandmama on fire,” said Beth Dow, the victim’s daughter-in-law.

Beth Dow said her mother-in-law remembered that she had a gallon of water that she used to fill her breathing machine.

“With those broken hands, she took the top off the gallon of water and poured it on her head and put out the flames,” Beth Dow said.

Dorothy Dow is being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Grantville is about 50 miles southwest of Atlanta.

The sheriff is searching for clues. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is assisting in the investigation.

Since the perps are on the loose, you’d think that a description would be in order, but none is forthcoming in this story.

Fox5Atlanta reports that Dorothy is on life support after undergoing multiple surgeries. She’s in a medically induced coma and in critical condition with a long road ahead before any recovery is possible.

A fair punishment for the attackers, all of them, regardless of their race or age, would be the administration of a beating (judicially authorized) by a cane or whip, followed by hanging and burial in an unmarked grave.

Until we get tough with the animals, the animals will get tougher and tougher on us.

dorothy dow

30 thoughts on “83 Year Old White Woman Brutally Beaten, Set on Fire by Gang of Home Invaders

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  2. That nooze story made my blood pressure shoot up to 300/150

    >>Until we get tough with the animals, the animals will get tougher and tougher on us

    I can say with a high degree of confidence that the collective “we” as \in non nigroid humans will NEVER get tough on savages. The absolute level of white self hatred that the jooze and their pet savages instilled is terminal. They believe the absolute worst thing that can happen is they will be called RACIST!!!! if they speak the truth.

    I have had many threats, some on my life made by people I used to get along with fine, just for stating fact and inviting the cucked masses to do their own honest research. The last two friends I had who are still alive ripped me a new asshole just for saying from my observations Obama is the worst resident in history and more racist than any right winger could be

    • You live in the People’s Republic. The South is still alive and racially aware.

      I rewrote this post since I couldn’t find ANY mention of the perp’s race, although I assume they will turn out to be members of that violent race we know so well.

  3. This is just minutes from where I live. So, naturally, I was following this story from the beginning. My local news NEVER mentioned race when the lady identified them on her way to the hospital. She recognized one of them because she hired him to pick blueberries on her property. She said they were all black. Not once did the local news correctly state the obvious. Thanks Jews.

    • I looked everywhere to find the race and came up empty. I had the post originally written to name the black race, but backed off on the slight chance I could be wrong. What threw me was the idea that blacks would be picking berries. Many of them won’t work. Period.

      • Right. That makes sense. Blacks never want to work, so picking berries was just to see where she kept her money. A couple of things I saw said she paid them in cash.

      • Yep.
        If anyone you didn’t know before and especially a black/brown race tries to “help” you with whatever, it’s usually to see how your security and how he could easily break into your house.
        Still, i don’t understand how people can be so sadistic as these were. To break an old woman’s arms and set her on fire…
        But as expected, blacks have no human empathy.

    • I know Newnan Georgia and Coweta County from my youth. My father’s aunt lived there on a farm. It’s nice countryside, very rural and pretty.

      I’ll have to do better research in the future. The Newnan Times is a local source, much more likely to name the race than the big Atlanta sources that I looked at. But like you say, we here know the score. It had to be blacks or else the big Atlanata sources would have provided descriptions.

      I wonder if CNN, CBS, et. al. will publish this story when the perps are caught. She recognized one of them as a blueberry picker she had hired.

  4. And this is why they are disproportionately represented in the justice system.

    Because they commit crime disproportionately to their numbers. More crime, more convicts.

  5. These perps did not want any money, that is just something to say. If you want money, real money- not the change between someone’s couch cushions, you scope a place out, research your quarry to find out if they have any- you don’t just barge in. They just wanted t hurt somebody without risk.

    • They tend to prey on the elderly, the young and the weak. Blacks are basically sadistic cowards. There’s a reason that blacks have never had “armies” who met each other in battle in the Western sense. That takes courage and that ain’t their style. They’re like predators lying in wait for stragglers. They only attack when they outnumber their victims and success is pretty much a given. Any group that harms the old, the very young and the weak is akin to a race of devils. As for why they burn things, probably it satisfies their sadistic urges and the idiots think it gets rid of evidence.

      • I agree with everything you wrote. I have seen this and been on th4e receiving end of nigger mayhem, and to be honest I saw Satan in their soulless eyes.

        When I have stated these facts to other whites, just about every time was met with “hater, that’s racist! white supremacist”

  6. Blacks are overwhelmingly animals acting on savage instincts. The correct punishment for the state to implement here is setting the blacks on fire. Necklace them. Force them into the violence they inflict on others. And therein lies justice.

  7. I live pretty close to Newnan. It’s pretty much still the way you remember it years ago – the kind of place where events like this can happen without anyone caring enough to make some noise.

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  9. As an Islamic Jihadist, we anyone who gets in our way will die a violent death. Look at all the White boys in Syria, shackled, orange jump suit, kneeling, and masked await the Jihad Warrior with a sword to behead them. Heads will roll. Some fellows look cute without heads. Hezbolah, Taliban, ISIS rule. White man afraid of Islam. Islam will rule the world. Death awaits the waryto g

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