Beautiful White Family Dead in Murder-Suicide; 2 Year Old Had Undergone Highly Publicized Heart Transplant


short family home


Whoever pulled the trigger in the Short home also pulled the trigger on the family dog, killing the beast, along with the three Short children.

Wife Megan had left husband Mark for another woman. Megan was also said to be suffering from PTSD following Willow’s heart transplant two years ago when the baby was a week old.

Megan wrote this blog post last April.

I have anxiety and nightmares. Certain smells and hallways trigger memories every single time. Yet sometimes the memories return out of nowhere like a beeping sound from someone’s phone reminding you of the monitor alarms. None of this ever got easier. It took me nearly two years to recognize how much I was truly impacted by the experiences.

This heartbreaking photo of mom Megan and baby Willow, who was just seven days old and 24 hours out of heart transplant surgery, was published with Megan’s story.

megan and willow short dead

There are many angles to be explored in discussing this tragedy. I’ve put together a relevant video and info from several sources to help us explore the significance of what has happened here.

Investigators are not saying who pulled the trigger. I want to tell you why I believe that mom Megan killed everyone, along with offering an idea or two about how we can prevent such future tragedies.

First, an excerpt from People Magazine that summarizes the known facts.

Five family members, including a 2-year-old girl, were found dead in their home in Pennsylvania in what authorities are describing as an apparent murder-suicide.

According to a news release posted on the Berks County District Attorney Facebook page, officers were sent to the Sinking Spring Borough home of the Short family after a family member reported that Megan Short failed to appear for a scheduled lunch date on Saturday afternoon.

Upon entering the home, officers discovered the bodies of Megan, her husband Mark, their three children and the family’s dog, all of whom died from gunshot wounds, according to police.

Police believe the “tragic domestic incident” to be a murder-suicide after discovering a handwritten note at the scene.

According to WFMZ, Berks County District Attorney John Adams identified the victims as Mark Short, 40, his wife, Megan, 33, and their children: 8-year-old Liana, 5-year-old Mark and 2-year-old Willow.

It is unclear who fired the fatal shots and what prompted the killings, but a handgun was discovered near one of the deceased adults, according to the news release.

The Berks County District Attorney had no additional comment as the homicide investigation is ongoing.

The family made headlines when their youngest child, Willow, survived a risky heart transplant when she was just one-week old.


Heavy always seems to scoop the rest of the press when it comes to hidden, politically incorrect facts. Using their 5 Fast Facts format, they offer an in-depth look at this story, including this:

The Facebook screenshots between Megan and her friend chronicle Megan’s crumbling marital relationship in her own words and shed light on tension between Megan and Mark in the months before the murder suicide. Heavy has removed the name of Megan’s girlfriend. Megan had also broken it off with the girlfriend, but her relationship with Mark was still troubled, said the friend.

“Many relationships of medically challenged children end in a divorce. It is incredibly hard to maintain the life you had before,” she told Heavy. Her comments in the screenshots are in blue.

megan short screenshots

The friends also communicated about transplant related issues as well as relationships. “She left him and was dating another heart mom she met…but as of June 30th she was trying to work things out with Mark but she still had feelings for the other girl and they were still talking,” she told Heavy, explaining that it was wrong to only consider Megan’s PTSD when assessing what happened.

The Daily Mail offers a large number of family pictures and in-depth coverage. There is evidence of anxieties created by the health insurance plan that restricted the abiity of the family to keep Willow from rejecting her new heart.

willow short birthday

In a July 2015 story published in The New York Times, it detailed the family’s struggle with getting medication for Willow.

At the time of the story was published, Megan Short was 32 years old and Willow was a year old.

The article talked about how Willow could not afford to miss a single dose of a drug she took daily to prevent her body from rejecting her recently transplanted heart.

However, it noted that due to rules from the family’s drug plan and the pharmacy, the mother could not order a refill until Willow’s monthly supply was three-quarters gone.

One angle on this story is that obviously the gun grabbers are out in force wanting to remove guns from everyone’s hands. I won’t dignify their weak arguments with commentary.

A second angle revolves around the failures of Obamacare to alleviate the family’s financial stresses. The family home was worth over $400,000, which leads one to ask what line of work Mark pursued that allowed such a luxurious lifestyle. But even with money apparently flowing in, the drug situation as it relates the baby Willow was stressing.

Then, there’s mom Megan’s drug use. Big pharma has pushed these anti-anxiety drugs on Americans, but casual observation leads one to note that they seem to be connected to violent outbursts as a side effect.

A skeptic would ask whether PTSD is evem a real disease. As a follower of the late Dr. Thomas Szasz, I am always skeptical when the psychiatric community invents a disease and then prescribes Big pharma meds for it. Szasz would say that PTSD is not a disease amenable to cure with drugs.

Heavy also reports that Mrs. Short was avidly reading books about murder prior to the murder-suicide.

Putting all this together leads me to believe that mom Megan was the shooter in this case. Obviously, Mark may have reacted violently to his wife’s cheating on him with another woman, but generally men may kill their wives, but not the children and certainly not the dog.

Furthermore, police are generally quick to pin the blame on the man, but they are holding back in this case. Most likely to prepare the family that the wife did it and to investigate her medical condition prior to pinning the blame and closing the case.

As to gun grabs, they are not the answer to prevent future tragedies similar to this one. There was the case of the Houston woman who drowned her five children in the bathtub. And the South Carolina woman who ran her car with the children inside into a lake, while claiming a black man did it. Lack of a gun prevents no one from murder if murder is what is on their mind.

Whoever is determined to be the shooter needs to have a brain autopsy in order to determine if their was a brain disease present.

There is also the spiritual realm to explore. Christian woman with a strong faith in Christ do not cheat on their husbands with other women. Did Megan (and Mark) have a priest? Did they go to the confessional? The spiritual aspect of life in this family must have been lacking.

Then there’s the racial aspect. Whites are 8 percent of the world’s population. We are a rare, superior species. A racially aware husband and wife would never murder that most precious of lives, the lives of white children.

We must develop spirituality and racial awareness among our people to do better in preventing such horrific events from ever happening.

42 thoughts on “Beautiful White Family Dead in Murder-Suicide; 2 Year Old Had Undergone Highly Publicized Heart Transplant

  1. Paxil is an antidepressant as well as anti-anxiety med. All of them have a black box warning for potential suicide. The dirty little secret of Obamacare is Whites get massively screwed on coverage to cover the dark races who don’t pay a cent. If she was black or Hispanic, she would have gotten all the meds for her child for free. Probably a live-in nurse too. The Anti-White nature of Obamacare is something no one will touch. FoxNews, the GOP and even Trump have said nothing about the racial discrimination of Whites under this fake insurance scam. White people cannot receive good coverage under any of these plans by design. No one will even mention it publicly.

  2. Women generally kill their own kids, men kill someone else’s kids

    The numbers are out there but hard to wade through because they will often call stepfather’s father’s

    • There’s been quite a few cases of women killing their children lately, many of them black. Your observation is simple and easy to understand. It will give a correct answer most of the time.

      By the way, remember that blonde woman in Dallas who killed her two adult daughters but not her husband because she wanted him to suffer. I did several posts on her a couple of months ago.

    • Please note that it is typically women of color and/or Mystery Meat mixed women that engage in infanticide.

      I steer clear of many blogs lately because really if you do not “get it” by now, you never will.

      Do not fuck or procreate with women outside of your tribe. End of story. Period.

      The Ancient Greeks, many of whom were really blonde/red headed knew of the dangers of taking up with other tribes’ women. It always ends badly.

      Read they story of Medea. The Greek Hero married her and had children. She was of another tribe….Mystery Meat.

      Jason obviously did not know of racial or tribal loyalty. He fucked, married, and procreated with Mystery Meat, so it stands to reason that he would be unfaithful. When he took up with a younger woman, his Medea Mystery Meat killed their children in vengeance.

      There is more to this story than “meats” the eye.

      This man looks like he is of a completely different tribe than his woman. She was also younger than him. Stressors in marriage makes people unfaithful.

      Tread lightly.

      • 7 year age difference. Well within norms. He was 40, she 33. I subscribe to a pan-European vision of our tribe, although some others do not. Your advice is sound, though. Stick as close to that partner that is similar to you.

      • I’ve looked, I would say he was blonde before he shaved his head as the kids are all blonde. What, a White woman can’t have black hair? I see no differences between them. Tell us what different races they are, since it’s so obvious to you.

      • There are no “races”. Race is a made up word. A term added to the lexicon of our at present fucked up world to eradicate the idea of tribe.

        Look at her hair. Look at her features. Look at his. They are different tribes. Completely.

      • Some see individual families as creating their own tribes. Some see people who have the same mindset coming together under the guise of religion as being a tribe.

        The wealthy use marriage as unifying tribes, which are really corporations.

        The middle class and working class have different experiences and marriage leads to dissolution of identity, which is what leads to divorce, chaos, addiction, etc.

        I can only speak from my experience and what brought me to understanding my own experience and the volatility of my own life path in the USA.

        My dad is Germanic, a Dutch Calvinist. My mom is a Slavic Catholic. It fucked me up, but to speak to my parents, they do not see at that way, but then again, they live in denial.

        Great for them? Maybe. They always tried to present this “front” like their marriage was so fucking great. In reality, I can tell you as the eldest daughter who bore the emotional brunt of these two working out their shit that is does not work.

        Who suffers? The KIDS. Always the kids.

        Who suffered here? Again, the kids.

        Take what you want from what I have written.

      • WTF???
        Is there no crazy white girl that you will not excuse??? How long did you stare at her nose before you came to that conclusion? Do any white chicks actually do bad stuff on their own in your fantasy world?

        She was bad and crazy and wiped everyone out- enough said. Sometimes the best explanation is the simplest.

      • The Jewish authors that you cite are not idiots. They are publishing works that are with zeitgeist of the times… The Jews have figured out that the American black and white cultures have figured out that black and white are monolithic lies.

  3. Not just a coincidence. On a side note — because I believe the Jews were behind 9-11, my entire flesh and blood family gave me an ultimatum: get medical help; or be estranged. Medical help to them = anti-depressants.

    Nice family, huh?

    • Morgan Reynolds is a professor at Texas A & M. Let your family look him up and be convinced that 9/11 is a hoax. I had an office near his years ago. He’s entirely sane and rational, as you are.

      • Actually in my area of the South there are more and more large white families and most of them are homeschooling or using private schools. Many of us here at our place of business have commented about the large families many younger people are having. There are at least 2 young white couples I personally know with 5 beautiful, intelligent, and extremely well behaved children. One wonderful young woman is about to have her seventh child. These are not “low class” people at all. They are well educated, bright, hard-working, independent folks. The husbands are working and the wives are educating the kids. Met a new family today that had 4 beautiful daughters, all being homeschooled. Maybe it isn’t that way in other areas but in my part of the South the trend is definitely families with 3 or more. A friend told me her niece was expecting a fourth child in the very near future. Her in-laws didn’t want her to have any more children but she deliberately chose to have a fourth child. These are intact, Christian and apparently healthy two-parent families. That’s encouraging and good. Maybe the younger folks are seeing through the population control propaganda and recognizing it for what it is-white genocide.

      • Just an FYI about ‘class’…

        I view low class as bad behavior, not less money or being poor.

        When I use the term ‘class’ I use it from the perspective of the autistic, self- appointed elite who equate class with $.

  4. I think it’s obvious who the shooter is, at least to me, and it’s not Megan. I believe the husband, Mark Short, annihilated his entire family, including the dog. Statistically men are more likely than women to murder their own family and commit familicide where there are no survivors. The reason? Because Megan was leaving him, ending the marriage, and actively moving out of the marital home. Megan cited domestic violence as to why she was leaving. It is also statistically supported the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence where her life is at stake is when she takes control of her own life and attempting to leave her abuser. This is all too typical and tragic an ending for many victims of domestic abuse. May the innocent rest in peace and may the evil baby killer suffer endlessly and rot in Hell !

    • One more point in the interest of accuracy. In today’s Daily Mail story on this tragedy, the wife is quoted as saying the abuse was not physical. I assume that would mean that she felt verbally abused. Perhaps the police will release this information at the obligatory coroner’s inquest.

    • I recall reading somewhere that at least 80 percent of American women are on antidepressants at some point in their lives.

      So are all American women nuts or is it the fact that we live in a country that is under Tyranny of Latent Homo dick?

      You try dating and mating out here. It is beyond fucked up. I may not like the fact that this male married outside his tribe, yet I recognize that this country and its treatment of its women is abysmal.

      Do you know readers that 38 percent of black people in the USA have Irish DNA? You know why? Because Irish women’s average age of mortality was 19…. These women’s living and working conditions were so piss poor that they died young while their male counterpart lived twice as long as guess what?.,. They shacked up with African women! These Irish white guys drove their own flesh and blood into the ground and took up with black women to take their Irish women’s place.

      Fuck American ‘white’ men in power. If they can’t kill their own women, they will use their wombs to absorb black culture to kill that culture too.

  5. Once upon a time in America, before men became effeminate, a father would have shut such a woman totally out of his life without pausing for reconsideration. The courts would have declare her unfit, society would have ostracized her and she would have been a pariah. When we started permitting morally inferior people to intergrate our society we began the downhill slide. The truth is, if they don’t fit in, they don’t belong. Sensitivity does not require permitting an emotionally damaged, latent lesbian back into the fold. The troubles lay deeper than the actions and indicate a probable hazard. There is a price to pay for such actions but no one wants to charge it anymore.

    • You are 100% correct except what you are seeing is the death of the Matriarchy that used to control Women. The Feminist always scream about the Patriarchy but the truth is Men were never the ones who kept the Women in line, it was the Matriarchy and it was the first thing to be killed by feminism as it freed Women from taking their role in it seriously.

      • Hello Jay, how are you?

        That’s right, it was the women of society that determined who stayed and who was banished for not conforming and not willing to help hold family and society together for its continuation and strength. It was the women/wives who controlled the family from sexuality to keeping the home a safe haven for everyone. The role of “homemaker” was the highest honor a women could have.

        Now that our females have given up that incredible amount of power, our culture is crumbling into the dustbin. They think they are free now but they are more trapped and powerless then at any other time in history.

    • There were / are plenty of ‘unfit’ damaged men out there that have been permitted to breed as well. Jails are chuck full of men, as are homeless shelters. Alcoholism is rampant among men. Don’t just put it all ‘da bitches’

      • It’s not a matter of “putting it all” on ‘da bitches,’ but you already knew that. There is no taboo against criticizing wayward men- it is engaged in by by both genders. Even the slightest word about a woman and all the excusers come flying out of the woodwork to “stop putting it ‘all’ on the women,” screaming before anything can even take place and acting like you’re dying because of some comments. I guess we must get a jump on damage control. Does that exist for men- hell no. Homeless shelters are full of men because no one cares about them and no one wants to help them because they are downtrodden and pathetic, they can’t cray their way into sympathy from wither gender. If you have any young male relatives, nephews, kids, etc., you’ll soon find out what disadvantages they have. Never mind this “putting it all on women” bullshit.

      • That above comment was for Ric.

        OH, you are exactly right; Feminism puts all the blame on men who have no where to turn. Women have each other but men do not huddle together and snivel. Females like Notavikingbitch continue to blame men for everything and refuse to see their role in it because that would make them responsible, as well.

      • I have no role in the degeneration of the Kwa. I was brought here not born here, yet I did try my very best. Despite my best efforts to be a good neighbor, friend, confidante, etc. to my “fellow citizens”, I found myself getting stabbed in the back by both men and women who claimed to be “fellow citizens.”

        I do not “blame men for everything.” I do blame corrupted people form past and present and false fronts though, such as “whiteness”, which is just a term to unify people who have no commonalities whatsoever. It is not my job to sacrifice myself or my family for people who claim to be comrades who would ultimately harm me and my family and wish harm upon on me.

        I am not a “feminist”. I am not “white”. I am individual illuminating untruths and showing how so-called fellow Americans through each other under the bus for “cash and azzzzzz”. This includes men and women, gays, lesbians, Jews, “whites”, old people, young people, Christians……

        Do not put me in a box – you cannot.

      • Either all peoples descended from the European continent stand together or we are exterminated together.

        Sugar attracts more interest than vinegar. Yes, “whites” have harmed you, so we have to create the knowledge that such acts are counterproductive. At least some of them are amenable to conversion to the unpleasant truths of life. I’m not going to criticize too harshly Euro peoples who are still sleeping.

  6. Men don’t kill their own children and definitely not the dog! WRONG. Murder-suicides are overwhelmingly carried out by men. Are you just guessing when you write this stuff?

    I hope you all feel terrible for blaming this poor woman who watched her children and pet murdered before she was finally killed.

    • Are you not aware of the Susan Smith case and the Houston woman who drowned her five children?

      It’s typically women who kill the kids, not the men. Men will kill the wife and then himself, but not the kids, although there are exceptions. In this case, the evidence is that mom was suffering from mental illness.

      At some point the police will give up the truth. I have no dog in this fight; this is a place to discuss issues that the mainstream press won’t broach. So, no I have no issues with putting together a theory of the crime and discussing it here and on other discussion boards.

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